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The Ruth Bader Ginsburg guide to fighting sexism

skip to main content Life In partnership with Learn from the OG octogenarian how to smash the patriarchy... We know her as the Notorious RBG, but how did she gain her notoriety? The Supreme Court Justice known for her trailblazer attitude and relentless work ethic has become an unwitting pop culture icon, but the reality is she's been a feminist icon throughout her career.

'Sorry To Bother You' is a film you can't ignore | gal-dem

Image: Universal Pictures Don't be deceived - Sorry To Bother You is toying with us all. Boots Riley's directorial debut was 2018's most unapologetic critique on capitalism, oppression and systemic racism. Riley's fast-paced feature, full of WTF moments and twisted surrealist comedy will transport you on one hell of a ride.

Racist GCSE textbook shows education's ignorance isn't good enough | gal-dem

After sparking a huge backlash from MPs and campaign groups alike, a GCSE textbook containing racist stereotypes about Caribbean families is no longer being supplied for sale. A passage in AQA's GCSE (9-1) Sociology stated Caribbean men were "largely absent" within the family dynamic, without providing any scientific evidence or context to support this claim.

I Think I'm Having A Millennial Mid-Life Crisis

25-year-old advertising executive Norma Nwokenna reflects on this: "We're still so far away from becoming successful adults, the only quantifiable thing I could hang onto was being young and cool. Instead, now I'm a loser, crippled in debt, unable to afford a house and with zero career prospects - at least being cool made me feel warm inside".

A queer black woman director might walk away with an Oscar this February | gal-dem

A couple years ago the thought of a black, queer, young, woman director walking away with an Oscar would have been unfathomable. This is what made this year's Best Picture winner Moonlight so historic: the first LGBT+ film and making Barry Jenkins the second black director (after Steve McQueen) to win Hollywood's most coveted award.

Letters to my locks over the years | gal-dem

I may be too young and too new to the world to appreciate your beauty, but my mother can. She appreciates each and every one of you, small and mighty as a seahorse's tail. She kisses and lovingly brushes all your tiny, precious kinks.

Pink Things
It Was Never Really About Pink

My relationship with pink mirrors my winding path to self-acceptance. When I was a little girl, I gravitated towards pink. This seemed to surprise everyone, as I was a tomboy who would choose a Monster Truck over a Barbie any day. But back then perceptions of gender were black and white ­- and I defied them.


4 page travel feature for ASOS Magazine