January 2019

Sierra Greenman

Freelance Writer and Content Manager

Location icon United States

I'm an ocean dreamer and for the past 10 years have been a full-time blogger, writer, and content manager. I am a highly motivated, creative individual with extensive client experience. Allow me to use my passion for connecting with brands to discover what makes your audience relate to your services and products.



Eating Enough Protein? 11 Sneaky Tips to Add More Protein to Every Meal

How much protein should I get? We discuss what the recommended daily protein is & what we suggest for bodybuilders, weight-lifters & anybody active. We REVEAL sneaky ways to add extra protein to your daily meals, sides & snacks. You can easily up your protein intake with these tips

12 Questions Every Woman Has Had About Her Period

Whether it's society telling us not to talk about our periods or we've been taught that our periods should be kept discreet, it's apparent that menstruation taboo is happening every single day. Unfortunately, this is what prevents a woman from asking important questions about her period.

Save On Tapestries
Hot Tip: This is the Right Tapestry for You!

You've got your mind made up, and you know that a wall tapestry will be just the thing for that wall in your home or office. With an avalanche of wall hanging tapestries from which to choose, how will you know if one or the other will look the best?

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