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Jenai Hollingsworth

Future Broadcast Anchor

Location icon United States

Hello, my name is Jenai Hollingsworth. I was born and raised in New Orleans; a place where music, food, and its people "put their foot" in everything they do. However, I have since resided in places like Germany, Colorado and now Georgia as a military wife. My husband and I have been married for 5 years, which has sprung forth a happy marriage and 2 growing boys; Braedyn, 7 and Lucas, 4. Throughout the years, I have had different jobs from Child Support Case manager to an Administrative Assistant. Consequently, all the jobs that I've had have been just that "a job". Due to the constant feeling of being unfulfilled in regular jobs, I decided to pursue a career where I can write and present information to the public. Furthermore, I chose the path of becoming a journalist.

Lastly, I believe in obtaining a growing mindset. To me, a growing mindset is taking all the knowledge you’ve accumulated, and applying it to any situation. Every day someone gains experience by learning something new, and applying their experience to make a better outcome for their future. When you have conquered the ability to grow, you will incorporate all that you have learned and consistently recycle knowledge you have gained.