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"A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway." -Junot Diaz



A 'Game Of Thrones' Makeup Collection By Urban Decay Is Coming

We may never get the chance to take the iron throne, but we will most certainly get the opportunity to wear the 'Game of Thrones' makeup collection by Urban Decay. It seems like the perfect show to inspire a makeup collection. I can already see it now... "Winterfell White." "Targaryen Blue."

Oddest Beauty Tips From Celebrities That Really Work

Celebs... they're just like us! Until they're not. We always hear insane beauty stories from Hollywood's biggest stars. From Kim K's million dollar facial made out of human blood to Victoria Beckham's bird poo facial. But I can guarantee this list of celebrity beauty tips will not have any ingredients that involve canary feces or human blood.

Everything Audrey Hepburn Can Teach Us About Beauty

"The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not In A Facial Mode But The True Beauty In A Woman Is Reflected In Her Soul." -Audrey Hepburn Oh, Audrey. If only you knew how much of an impact you'd still have decades after the height of your fame.

What We Can Learn From Fashion Icon, Grace Kelly

Femininity... A nearly extinct trait in 2019. Although we as women have the right to our own tastes, styles, and preferences when it comes to fashion, I can't help but notice that it has become less and less popular to see women sporting classicly feminine attire.

15 Ways To Stay Fit In The Winter

Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year to score a flat stomach and glass-cutting jawline that we all secretly crave. It makes sense.

My On And Off Relationship With Food - Simi - Medium

Food and I have always had a bit of a rocky relationship. They say that no relationship is perfect, that there are always areas to improve upon in any given romance, and there is no exception when it comes to me and my beloved noshing habits.

Why Dating Apps Such As "Tinder" Are Unfairly Stigmatized

"So... how did you two meet?" This is one of the most asked questions for couples everywhere. Everyone wants to know the backstory behind any given romantic relationship because for some reason the way you meet someone seems to set up one's beliefs for the relationship as a whole.

The Unexpected Key To Success In Your Romantic Relationship

Raise your hand if you've ever had a friend who dropped off the face of the earth the moment they entered a romantic relationship. Now raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of doing that exact thing. It happens.

Is It Ever Okay To Play Mind Games In A Relationship?

In the words of Freddie Mercury, "Everybody play the game of love". This makes us wonder... is love really just one big game? Is every kiss, every date, every flirtatious text just another clever move on the chess board?

WE magazine for women
How To Remain Independent In A Relationship - WE magazine for women

"I can't live without him," my friend once told me in reference to her man. On the surface, these words seem wildly romantic. This idea that someone can't be without their love seems like something straight out of a romcom. But by the way she said it, all anxious and ...

'Broad City' Has Taught Me More About Friendship Than Any Other Show

Friendship has been a common theme on television since the 50s. From Lucy and Ethel to Beavis and Butthead, viewers of these shows have been comparing and contrasting their own personal friendships with the BFFs they witness on screen. We've all done it before. Blog
Why It's so Hard to Remain Friends with an Ex |

This article brings to you the common question that most of us wonder as to why it is so hard to remain friends with your ex after separation. Read the personal experience of the writer and find the answer to your question. Blog
What Should You Do If Your Partner Is Still Friends With Their Ex? |

The idea of someone maintaining a relationship with their ex-partner is a head scratcher for sure. On the one hand, they shared all of these brilliant memories with each other. It makes sense that a person would want to keep in touch with someone that they were once so close to, rather than just throwing it all away for good.

Stand Up Magazine - Empowering Millennials
'Insecure' Proves You Can End Up Happily Ever After With Yourself

Insecure raises important questions about just when a relationship turns into too much hard work. A lot of people have come to expect a romantically-fuelled TV show to end on two "will they won't they" characters finally coupling up. On it was Carrie and Big. On it was Rachel and Ross.

I Went A Day Without My Phone And This Is What Happened

It seems like a ridiculous concept. A day without one's phone should be simple enough, everyone did it pre-90's, but now in 2018 going without your cellular device is like going without a limb. So I decided to give it a try. I would sacrifice my addiction for 24 hours, even if it meant experiencing symptoms of withdrawal.

Why I'm glad the honeymoon phase is over

There I was, standing in the grocery aisle, trying to choose between Twizzlers and Flaming Hot Cheetos for the party my boyfriend and I were throwing later that night. "Just get both, dude," said my boyfriend of over two years, as he placed both snacks into the cart. Wait.

The Daily Positive
Too Feminine To Be a Feminist? The Daily Positive

"Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots because it's okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think that being a girl is degrading."

How Falling In Love With Fitness Has Changed My Life

"There's something different about you," my friend commented one morning over coffee. "You have this newfound glow and you seem so happy lately." She gave me a smirk then leaned in before saying, "You've met someone, haven't you? Is there a new man in your life?"

Film & TV Reviews

Planet DISH
'Russian Doll' Is The Netflix Show You Need To Be Watching Right Now

It has been a minute since we've seen a show that is as strange and zany as Russian Doll. From its hipster 80s music to the vibrant orange color schemes to the eccentric set of characters with the quirky pet names, this show is able to stand out from the rest simply based on the cinematic experience it offers.

'Broad City' Season 5 Episode 1 Review - Simi - Medium

Last night our favorite witches Abbi and Ilana graced our screens once more, with even heavier laughs and heart than ever before. Done in an incredibly creative and hilarious way, nearly the entire episode takes place on Ilana's Instagram story.

Planet DISH
'Friends From College' Redeems Itself In Its Second Season

Sometimes, TV shows aren't able to fully land on their feet until their second season. We've seen it before on Parks and Rec (I can barely count the number of times people have told me not to even bother watching the first season and just to skip to the second), and several other hit shows have followed in its tracks.

Planet DISH
Why We Need To Stop Romanticizing Netflix's 'You'

Warning: spoilers ahead! If you haven't yet watched Netflix's binge-worthy thriller You starring Gossip Girl's very own Dan Humphrey, you're in for a disturbing treat. The show centers around Joe, a broody book worm type (Penn Badgley), who finds himself completely enamored with an aspiring poet named Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

Planet DISH
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Is Even Better Its Second Time Around

Often times, the second season of a show will outshine its first season. This is easily the case with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, an Emmy-winning triumph starring Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein. Not only is the second season already nominated once again for the golden globes, but its critical praise is skyrocketing- and rightfully so.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Movie Review

By Simone Torn (Chicago) Care to watch a feel-good movie amped with energy and wish fulfillment? If yes, Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) is just the film for you.

Why Carrie Should Have Ended Up Alone On Sex & The City

Once upon a time, long before the everlasting battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob, there was another on-screen love triangle that rattled the nation. This was, of course, the debate as to whether or not Carrie Bradshaw should have ended up with Aidan or Mr. Big.

'Beautiful Boy' Is A Beautiful Mess - Simi - Medium

When the trailer for 'Beautiful Boy' (2018) came out, my toes were literally curling. I couldn't believe that my two favorite actors in the world, Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell were banding together to create what looked like an incredible drama.

'Mid90s' Is The Nostalgia Film We All Desperately Needed To See

Millennials are kind of obsessed with the '90s. It makes sense. Not only were we kids in this era, (and let's face it, everything from childhood seems a lot sunnier than the mundane suit-and-tie period of adulthood), but the '90s was, in a way, the true age of innocence. The '90s...

A Star Is Born (2018) Movie Review

By Simone Torn (Chicago, Illinois, US) Everyone is raving about A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. With a 95% on rotten tomatoes and a shining forty million dollars in the box office opening weekend, it's clear that Cooper's directorial debut is a smash hit.

Eighth Grade (2018) Movie Review

By Simone Torn (Chicago, Illinois, US) Middle school is terrifying. A cesspool of inflamed zits, self-doubt, and unimaginable loneliness, it's hard to imagine a more uncomfortable time in life for a young girl with crippling social anxiety. Such is the case for Kayla, played beautifully by Elsie Fisher in Bo Burnham's directorial debut indie comedy, Eighth Grade.

Assassination Nation (2018) Movie Review

By Simone Torn (Chicago, Illinois, US) Aesthetics are everything for Sam Levinson's gory feminist flick, Assassination Nation. A film that seems to be a hybrid of Pretty Little Liars and The Purge, it's easy to say it has a unique flare that subsequently has created a genre of its own: A campy satirical female-driven blood fest.

Divine Magazine
Movie Review - The Spy Who Dumped Me - Divine Magazine

5 Story 50% Actors Performance 40% Cinematography 50% Soundtrack 60% Pros Had a good message in addressing the importance of female friendship. Cons The lead actors had no chemistry, and there weren't nearly enough laughs for it to be a successful comedy. Readers Rating: 0 0 votes A buddy cop comedy about two best friends ...

Why Call Me By Your Name Is One Of The Greatest Love Stories Of All Time

"Is it better to speak or die?" This is one of the main questions posed for Guadagino's 2017 movie adaptation of Call Me By Your Name. What it's really asking is, is it better to pour your heart out and confess true feelings at the risk rejection and looking like a fool, or would "dying" be easier and much less painful?

Divine Magazine
Movie Review - Ocean's 8 - Divine Magazine

Is Ocean's 8 A Pointless Movie? 5.3 Story 40% Actors Performance 50% Cinematography 50% Sound Track 70% Pros It looks beautiful and glamorous, has an amazing cast Cons No spirit or energy/failing script Readers Rating: 98% 1 votes Ocean's 8 (stylized onscreen as Ocean's Eight) is a 2018 American heist comedy film directed by Gary Ross and written by Ross and Olivia ...

Music Reviews

Smashing Pumpkins SHINY AND OH SO BRIGHT, VOL. 1 Album Review

I discovered Smashing Pumpkins when I was around sixteen in a dusty Chicago record shop. Ever since I was in junior high, I had fallen for boys who happened to be scrappy musicians that each had a real boner for all things 'vintage'. Vintage guitars, vintage boots, and especially vintage music.

The Spill Magazine

Macy Gray Ruby Mack Avenue Records Macy Gray's voice reminds one of being wrapped up in a blanket of sunlight. Soulful, warm, and iconic, Gray's vocal magic has made sweet love to our ears yet again in her tenth studio album, Ruby. Calling Ms. Gray's 43 minute album "ambitious" might be putting it mildly.

Paul Simon & The Sound of Silent Awe

HIGHLAND PARK - This year I have attended several concerts. They all were much more than just a singer performing on the stage, with a guitarist and a drummer. These concerts were an entire production. For example, the Beyoncé concert was a brilliant experience with as many special effects on stage as in a Michael Bay movie.

The Spill Magazine

The Pineapple Thief Dissolution Kscope It is a terrifying image, the thought of a group hanging out while each one of them has their eyes glued to their phones. We have all become zombified by that bright blue light, the screens of our cellular devices sucking all of the beauty out from the "white mist" of the world around us.