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Shterny Isseroff

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A copywriter, journalist and design enthusiast living as a global citizen.



The Jerusalem Post |
Rocking in Ramallah

First Palestine Music Expo comes to the West Bank city with the aim of going international

The Jerusalem Post |
NewDaica: 'Smahot Ktanot'

An artistic exhibition of an intensely personal nature resonates with gallery visitors.

The Jerusalem Post |
Sinking their teeth into tourism

The app gives tourists an opportunity to taste, experience and explore a city through local food, each bite tastier and more informative than the last.


FBI Warns Against IoT Vulnerabilities | HUB SECURITY

In a weekly tech advice column, the FBI's Portland office recently released an ominous warning to US homeowners, "Your fridge and your laptop should not be on the same network." While the reason is simple, the repercussions can be devastating.

CBDCs Are on the Rise, Are Banks Prepared? | HUB SECURITY

There are some trends in the crypto-world that start as a snowball and grow into an avalanche. Sovereign digital currencies, or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), as they're more commonly known, is just the latest trend to join the growing list.

EY Focuses on Blockchain Security with Launch of Smart Contract Analyzer | HUB SECURITY

Last Wednesday, accountancy giant Ernst & Young (EY) launched its token and smart contract review service. The tool will allow companies and individuals to evaluate smart contracts and tokens for known security risks. EY initially unveiled their Smart Contract Analyzer service in April and has spent the last eight months testing the service in private beta.

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Mother, Mentor, Founder - Is there anything Marcelle Kaspi can't do?

Medium height, her blonde haired curls and vivacious smile are the first things you notice about Marcelle Kaspi. Her freckles splatter across the bridge of her nose like a Pollock, and when she opens her mouth and begins to talk - you're captivated.

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People Don't Hate Ads, They Hate Irrelevancy.

The idea behind ScaleAbout was to expand the best qualities of Influencer Marketing beyond social media platforms. This is what we were trying to do with the idea of TryOnHeroes as well. We recognize the value in authentic content. ScaleAbout gives publishers the power to provide top quality advertising using branded content that we know people already enjoy.

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