Shruthi Vijayan

Freelance writer

I work as a Features Manager at a leading Events Company in the United Arab Emirates.

I also contribute writing pieces to the company's in house online magazine here :

Abu Dhabi World Online
5 family fun boredom busters for lockdown - Abu Dhabi World Online

words: Shruthi Vijayan Art from scraps An art project that recycles those scraps lying around the house. Create individual drawings or come together to create one large masterpiece. Instead of adding colour with pencils and paint, use old paper scraps and newspapers you've been meaning to throw away.

Abu Dhabi World Online
6 ways to kick start this week through learning experiences - Abu Dhabi World Online

words Shruthi Vijayan Ever wondered how the sky was navigated and what kind of intruments were used in the time of yore. Well, read and hear all about the astrolabe, the instrument that helps astronomers determine where the stars were located and understand what time it was during the night and day.

Robert De Niro: 10 Best Films You Must See | Movierdo

As of today- August 17th, 2018, one of the most prominent method actors the film industry has ever seen turns 75. Robert De Niro decided to nurture his artistic abilities at the age of 16 and since then has gone on to become a force to reckon with.
What's coming up at Dubai Opera this year (tickets start from just AED 50) -

Looking for some musical magic? Dubai Opera announces what's coming for 2017 from January to May. There's some old favourites and exciting acts on the line- up, and tickets are pretty affordable. Words: Shruthi Vijayan This modern musical version of Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet, will premiere at the Dubai Opera on, appropriately enough, 14th February.

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