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Shoshana Kedem

Video Journalist

Location icon Afghanistan

Multimedia journalist with six years experience in news reporting and video news production.

Since graduating from a Master's program in Middle East History I started working as a Broadcast Journalist for international video news agency, Ruptly TV in Berlin.

After gaining newsroom experience I worked in the field as a Video Journalist and then as a News Reporter for independent daily newspaper 7DAYS in the UAE.



Is Neom the answer to Saudi Arabia's post-oil economy?

In terms of ambition it is unsurpassed: a $500bn city that straddles three countries, powered entirely by renewable energy, running on AI technology, and contributing $100bn to the kingdom's GDP by 2030 Speaking at the three-day Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh at the end of last month, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman had a surprise for the audience of businessmen and journalists.
Why the UAE is leading the charge into Africa

The Gulf state is ahead of the rest of the Middle East - and much of the world - when it comes to capitalising on Africa's investment opportunities. Still, some barriers remain, and African governments are working to encourage greater flows from the region and beyond

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