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I am a content writer that focuses on topics around mental health, social issues, and lifestyle. I am also a contributing writer for several online platforms including: Thought Catalog, The Medium, Sivanna Spirit and Theodysseyonline. In addition, I completed an internship at my university working for the communications department as a content writer and editor adding to my experience in the writing field. My mission as a writer is to be able to connect with others through my words while making a positive impact.

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The Reality Of Mental Illness

The Reality Of Mental Illness "Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with." - Adam Ant "But you don't look depressed." "It's all in your head." "You have so much to be happy about."

The Odyssey Online
You're Not Failing At Life Just Because Someone Else Is Succeeding

As CNN writers, David G. Allan and Kristen Rogers highlight, "The researchers found children who felt connected to nature-feeling pleasure when seeing wildflowers and animals, hearing sounds of nature-engaged in altruism, or actions that helped other people."

Thought Catalog
What Kobe Bryant's Death Can Teach Us About Life

"To feel affected by the death of someone you don't know is to realize that our reach, our impact, our energy extends beyond the circle we perceive to be our own." - Unknown On January 26th 2020, the earth stood still as news broke out that Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna were among the nine people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA.

Thought Catalog
Here's To The One Who's Always Saving Everyone

I understand what it's like to always want to fix things. To be the girl that wants to save everyone, with the reason that you try to see the good in people. You're the girl that loves with everything she has without asking for anything in return.

Thought Catalog
To The Ones Who Think It Will Never Get Better

When you feel the most hopeless. When you are in the darkest of times, I need you to know that it is going to get better. Even though it might not feel like it at that very moment, I promise you that it's going to be okay.

Thought Catalog
What To Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes giving up seems like the easiest option. It might feel like doing so will solve all your problems. Especially when you feel like nothing is going your way. When you feel hopeless. When you think it's never going to get better. When all you do is try and get nothing.

Thought Catalog
It Is Okay To Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness. It is such a complex concept sometimes and it is definitely easier said than done. Throughout our life, we constantly worry about others forgiving us for our wrongs in hopes to move forward from the past.

Sivana East
What It Actually Means To Let Go

Someone once told me that "holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." It was that day when I realized what letting go actually meant. SEE ALSO: Don't Forget These 10 Rules When Placing Your Ganesh Statue At Home Or Work We as humans are conditioned to hold on to things, because well it makes us feel in control.

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