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Sherri Horton

Writer and SEO SEM Specialist

Location icon United States

After studying International Relations at the University of Delaware, Sherri hopped on a plane to Thailand, India and Cambodia, where she spent three months primarily using social media to keep in touch with family and friends. She returned with a new found love for all things media. Joining a PR firm in Washington, DC not only taught her a lot about the biz, but it also helped her achieve her lifelong goal of living down the street from the President of the United States. After getting her feet with with a small SEO firm in Philadelphia, Sherri now uses her tech savvy to enhance her clients e-commerce websites at a large tech platform company in Austin. Sherri uses her experiences and writing to enhance SEO content strategies for all her clients.

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The Breast Care Program at GW Medical Faculty Associates

The Breast Care Program at GW Medical Faculty Associates, Washington, DC. 90 likes · 2 talking about this · 11 were here. The Breast Care Program at GW MFA includes experts who can guide patients through the journey-from imaging to biopsy, surgery to physical therapy, and chemotherapy to radiation.

Guest Blogs with Link Building Purpose

Post Painting Clean Up

POST PAINTING CLEAN UP - Proper paint prep can help make your post-painting clean up easy; but often homeowners rush into getting the job done and without laying the necessary groundwork to prevent splashes and spills.

How to Paint the Ceiling | Ceiling Painting Tips from Professional Painters

Look up. Does your ceiling look dingy, dirty or damaged? Maybe it's time to repaint. Painting your walls can clean up a room but nothing brightens up your entire home like clean, crisp ceilings. We compiled instructions on how to get started painting your ceilings. Tools: First you need the proper tools.

Choosing the Right Pool for Your Yard

CHOOSING THE RIGHT POOL FOR YOUR YARD - You're finally taking the plunge! It's time to plan what kind of pool you want to put in your yard. But there are many things to consider before diving in; like price, size, shape and depth. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you purchase.

How Keeping a Clean Office Can Help Land Potential Clients

A clean environment is a productive environment, breeding motivation and centralizing focus. Current employers report that they feel less distracted in a clean office and a higher morale; so in a few words, happy workers work harder. Furthermore, a clean office space can impress clients and even help you land potential business.

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Paint ~ Home Improvement Support

When you are undertaking a do it yourself (DIY) project, there are always a few tips and tricks from other DIY'ers that can help make your project a little easier. A painting project is no different. Before you start, take note of these serious tips and tactics. 1.

Healthy Dessert Options

We've all been there. You've just eaten a savory dinner but your sweet tooth is acting up again... what do you reach for to satisfy your craving? Do you go for the strawberry short cake or the fresh fruit salad? Having a healthy dessert doesn't have to be hard.

Guest Blogger: Ensuring Proper Paint Disposal After DIY Projects

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2678, July 24, 2013 The hard part is over. You painted your entire house or you've finally gotten your living room just the right shade of beige. But what do you do with the leftover paint? Depending how much is left, there are a couple of options.

Faux Painting Tips and Techniques | Professional Painting Advice

Plainly painted walls can get boring but, without resorting to wallpaper, how can you give your walls the texture and style you want? The answer is with faux painting. Faux painting describes the wide range of decorative painting techniques that replicate materials like marble, silk and wood using paint.

Guest Blogger: Great Summer All-Natural, DIY Sunburn Remedies

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2679, July 24, 2013 There are a ton of sunburn treatments on the market right now. Filled with chemicals and fragrances, sometimes they can do more harm than good. But luckily there are a lot of all natural, dermatologist approved alternatives that can save you money and keep your skin healthy.

Valentine's Day Fashion | Brooklyn Happening

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, women in Brooklyn are scouring the shops for the most elegant dresses for their big night out with their beaus. But search no longer ladies- you are going to fall in love with these dresses: Make a serious entrance in this elaborate evening dress.

Keeping Your Home Cool, Clean and Green

Summer is just around the corner and you might already be feeling the heat to find the cash to pay high air conditioning bills; but keeping your home cool, lowering your bill, and benefiting the environment are possible with these different technologies.

Something to Smile About: Stain Prevention Tips

Spring is right around the corner in Montgomery County, which means residents will be showing off big smiles as they enjoy the warmer weather. Most residents have spent the winter trying to keep warm by enjoying hot coffee at Main Street Java and red wine at Parc Bistro.

Happening Home: Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here in Northern Delaware, which means it's time to start cleaning out all that winter clutter! Whether it's your office or your home, now's the time for some serious spring cleaning. Go through your old cleaning supplies. Before you start cleaning, go through your old supplies and check the expiration dates.

Quality Content Blogs

Nails for Prom | Nail Styles and Manicures for Prom Night

There are many reasons to get your nails done by a professional for prom night; clean designs, longer lasting, less chipping, the reasons go on and on. But sometimes doing your nails yourself can be cheaper and still yield great results.

Accessories for Prom Night | Accessorizing Your Dress

Never underestimate the power of good accessories. Yes, of course your dress will be the star of the night but without the proper shoes, clutch and jewelry even your fabulous dress can leave you looking bland and unexciting. We compiled the most important tips in choosing the perfect accessories for your prom night.

Google's Seeing the World With New Eyes

Google's super secret labs have done it again! "It" being, creating something so off the wall, it just might revolutionize technology as we know it again.

Man's Best Friend Goes Viral

John Unger was doing what he does everyday- taking his dog, Shep, to the lake around his house. What happened next was an act of true love.

Aziz Link, Like, Loves Sync Savings

Aziz Ansari, comedian and star of NBC's Parks and Recreation, has been recruited to put the funny in American Express' newest plan to take over the world pairing with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

WhatsMyM3 Featured on Fox News

Fox News spoke with WhatsMyM3 creator, Dr. Gerald Hurowitz, about the revolutionary, one of a kind mental health screening tool.

Press Releases

Smile Trial

Revolutionary Smile Trial™ Brings a New Smile To Patients' Faces Temporary Cosmetic Dental Makeover Try-On theBrand New Smile You've Always Wanted Considering veneers or other cosmetic dentistry but just aren't sure you're ready to take the plunge? Dr. Thanos Kristallis of Washington Metro Center Dental takes the guesswork out of this popular cosmetic dental procedure.

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