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Shelly-Ann Inniss


Location icon Trinidad and Tobago

I'm a Trinidad-based Barbadian writer and adventure seeker at heart.

Caribbean Beat Magazine
June Soomer: a voice for all | Backstory | Caribbean Beat Magazine

If you scan a boardroom, platform, or summit, her hair stands out. Not only is her bun quite tall, sometimes it's the only mass of hair among the shaved or low haircuts worn by the men in her presence. Addressing an audience of press personnel, she speaks slowly, with authority and precision.

Caribbean Beat Magazine
Electric Avenues | Caribbean Beat Magazine

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve cars. My father and I used to play a game called "guess that car" - down to the year of the vehicle. I wanted my own car very badly, so my parents bought me several toy versions. What I really desired was a remote-controlled car, but that was ...

MEP Publishers (Trinidad & Tobago)
Braving Lady Chancellor Hill | MEP Publishers (Trinidad & Tobago)

As a Barbadian, I'm used to flat surfaces with hills and inclines, so I eagerly accepted an invitation to walk on "the hill" with my family and co-workers. The base of the hill seemed to be the perfect meeting place for everyone - fitness clubs, friends, and other fitness enthusiasts.

Caribbean Beat Magazine
Wide Sargassum sea | Caribbean Beat Magazine

On my last flight to Barbados, I looked out of the aircraft window and saw scattered masses of brown matter floating on the sea. For a moment, I thought it was refuse released from a vessel. But as we flew over the shoreline even greater quantities of this brown mass engulfed the beach, covering the ...

GALAVANT MAGAZINE Issue 1: May/June 2014

Two friends: a Barbadian and a Trinidadian, travel off the beaten path as they explore Trinidad. Join the adventure and experience the sights, sounds and vibrancy of Trinidad with Galavant Magazine.