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Sheethal Vijay - A Marketing Freelancer

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Content Marketing professional, with experience in leading the company's marketing, PR, Social media initiatives, CRM and other brand communication channels. Having over twelve years of marketing experience; I have previously worked for brands such as Staples, Canadian Journalism Association,, Air Miles and Standard Chartered. I am inspired by innovation and believe that content collaboration is the key to building better bridges between customers and brands.

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Hamilton, you beauty!

If you are looking at Touristing around but don't want to wander away too far from home, then Hamilton is a great call to make! We had 10 hours in hand and we explored 4 of the top places to ...

My Weekend Notes
4 reasons why I fell in love with Istanbul!

This is a spectacular city, filled with layers of history, culture, and incredible food. Being one of the biggest cities in the world, Istanbul bestrides between Europe and Asia. Although Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey now, this city has served as the ancient capital for many empires from the Roman era to Ottoman...

My Weekend Notes
From inspiration to a holiday experience: The travel content journey

When you plan a holiday, it can be both fun and a tiring experience. Every traveller goes through research and planning phase before he gets to his final booking. According to a recent study report released by Google, on an average, a traveller visits approximately 22 different sites over an average of 9.5 sessions before...

Blog - Musafir

Want to know about places around the world? Here are some great reads on various cities & their peculiarities including adventure, food, culture, travel tips, etc.

Set Out on a Gastronomically Gratifying Food Journey in Singapore

It started off as a farmer's meal and then was a meal that shared by large families from the same plate. This dish is an origination from Malaysia and is a fragrant rice that is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, served with side dishes like deep-fried fish, omelette, chicken wings and fried anchovies.

Free vs Paid Business Listings: Align with your Business Strategy > FyndEZ MEA

For any business planning to debut their presence online, a directory listing is one of the highly recommended channels for increasing organic visibility. There are over thousands of online directories that let you list your business. Some are free and some offer paid business listings.

About Us | Sabin Plastic | Plastic Products Manufacturer

Sabin Plastic was established in 1997 under the leadership of Satish Gadoya, the chairman of Gadoya Holdings. We are a leading supplier of Acrylic, Polycarbonate sheets, Plastic products like Spacers, Packing Shims, Aluminium Cabinet accessories, Jerry cans etc. We cater our services and expertise to a wide range of industries including Construction, Aluminium, Engineering and many more.

VeeCare General Trading

We are the leading suppliers of packaging materials, corporate gifts, office stationary, safety products, printing and branding materials and much more in the UAE. We have been in the market for over 7 years now and have been working closely with major brands, helping them customize their product requirements at factory prices with high quality products.

MOMSNACK - Eat Better Every Day

Each snack box comes with a variety of the best-tasting healthier snacks deliciously prepared by our chef. It's not just about providing you with tasty snacks but also about the nutritious snacks we offer. Each snack box comes with hand-picked contents that you'll love.

A Kissing Tree
Top 9 Healthy and Convenient Office Snack Ideas | A Kissing Tree

Eating healthy at work needs willpower and courage. We understand it is difficult to stop yourself from digging into some delicious sugary supply of trans fat loaded snacks and sweets, especially when you have office celebrations every now and then or a colleague who loves bringing in sweets to share.