sheena fronk

freelance copywriter

United States of America

Quirky communications enthusiast and copywriter. Wannabe travel blogger. Believer in all things good. Social advocate. Outdoors lover. Adventurer, adrenaline junkie and traveler. Skilled blogger and creative copywriter, particularly interested in travel blogging, website copy and startup projects.

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Is Virtual Reality In Marketing The Next Big Thing?

By Black Bear Design Group Whether or not you'll admit it, when you walked into Best Buy for printer ink and instead found yourself with a virtual reality (VR) headset, you were completely blown away by the experience.

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Social Media Is Here to Stay - Social Media Management

By Black Bear Design Group Social media has been around for nearly a decade with no signs of slowing down. Most people, especially millennials, are on our phones constantly; whether we're checking our email, posting a selfie to Instagram or tweeting about a trending hashtag, most of us have fully integrated social media into our daily lives.

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Flat & Handmade: 2016 Logo Trends | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group Golden arches. An apple with a bite out of it. A rainbow peacock. Chances are, McDonald's, Apple and NBC came to mind when you saw those words. Why? Because these brands have memorable logos that aren't easily forgotten.

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Creating Masterpieces Requires a Solid Creative Process | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group We've all been there. We're staring at the ceiling, flipping a pen through our fingers, deleting and retyping what we just wrote in search of something better. Something catchier. Oh, writer's block, you truly are a pain! But what about other creatives?

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Meet Jena: Part Superhero, Part PM, All About the Client | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group Walking into work each morning guarantees some sort of surprise when Jena's in the office. And this girl is always in the office. You'll find her watering your desk plants, singing show tunes, crunching down Chick-Fil-A crushed ice or soothing customers with her syrupy southern drawl.

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The Dizzying World of Social Media | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group Ahh, social media! It has exploded over the past decade, transforming from small platforms meant to encourage conversations among friends into a multi-billion-dollar industry that enables ads, brand communication, instant access and everything else businesses need to thrive on the internet. Just thinking about it has my head spinning.

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A Day in The Life: What Goes On in a Developers Mind? | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group There are left-brained people and there are right-brained people. Then there's the rare "all-brained," if you will, people that blow your mind with their technical prowess and equally exceptional ability to be creative. Black Bear is fortunate to have one such all-brained genius named Tony.

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Mastering the Art of Time Management | Black Bear Design

By Black Bear Design Group If there's only one certainty in life, it's this: time can't be given back. Once you use it, it's gone. Time is a precious, non-tangible idea that controls the work world. Deadlines, how many projects you can tackle, how much overtime you need to work-it's all dictated by time.

Beaches, Cigars & Endless Adventures in Cuba

Known for its lively people, amazing beaches and famous cigars, Cuba offers some pretty amazing adventures as well-and now that Americans are free to travel to Cuba (as long as we state that it's an educational trip), we can access it all! If you enjoy off the beaten path adventures, Cuba just may be your next vacation spot.

Outdoor Adventures On The Cheap

Portland and Salt Lake City-outdoor lovers' paradise. Portland known for its craft beer, active lifestyle and gorgeous landscape; and Salt Lake City, home to snow-capped mountains, amazing white water rafting and beautiful national parks. Sounds like the perfect summer road trip! Best part? Faretrotter is going to make it happen...on the cheap.

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Networking: Dating for Professionals

As a woman who has experienced both the dating world and the networking world, it's hard not to see the similarities between the two. You decide to connect, typically in person, to learn more about each other and build a relationship over time.

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The Human Factor: #SocialSelling

Social selling is a new phenomenon that is gaining popularity among elite sales teams. It sounds like a lengthy, complicated process, but in reality, it only requires people to be human. In a world where millions of conversations take place online, many of us have forgotten how to build relationships with each other.

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To Ask or Not to Ask

Recommendations. You know? Those few sentences a friend or colleague writes about you that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The things that can help paint you as a total badass is the professional world and help give potential employers an idea of who you are. Yeah, those things.