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Former WSN Copy Chief, linguistics student, and lifelong writer. There would be a dozen more pieces under the copyedited section, but the site has limits.


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Washington Square News
How to shoot your shot without taking shots

It's the day after Valentine's Day, and while you could easily raid CVS for 50% off heart candies, there are better things to do to your stomach.

Washington Square News
A Colorful Evening

The cars began arriving around 6:30 p.m., and by 8 p.m., the hallways were crowded with people in formal attire calling out to old friends, observing the decor or heading for the bar. The string quartet bowed the classics, the grand chandeliers held dozens of bright candlesticks and the red of cold cheeks began to fade as guests entered through the double doors.

Washington Square News
'Say Please' to an entertaining evening of burlesque and sexuality

Then, the performances really began. There were quite a few acts, each different from the one before it: the legendary religious-themed performance of burlesque veteran , the pink dress dance of Witch Tulips , the erotic poetry of , the sultry Audrey Love donning leather, and the energetic Mercy Masala getting half naked.

Pieces I've Copyedited

Washington Square News
Student gov't discusses outcry in Iran, budget proposal and million-dollar fund

NYU's Student Government Assembly discussed violence against women in Iran, its upcoming budget proposal to the university and a potential framework for using its new million-dollar Initiative Fund at a meeting on Thursday, March 2. The student government called for the university to offer more s

Washington Square News
Postmodern Jukebox: A musical time machine revives the jazz era

Postmodern Jukebox is a band that takes popular songs and alters their style to match different vintage genres. Founded by jazz pianist Scott Bradlee, the band intends to reinvent popular songs "in the light of classic and unfortunately ignored genres," integrating styles ranging from the '20s to '6

Washington Square News
The Kyrie Irving trade: A rare win-win

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks after requesting a trade this past Friday, Feb. 3. In return, the Nets got back Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith, as well as a 2029 first-round pick and two second-round picks. Irving's highly publicized trade d

Washington Square News
A real red wave: Year of the Rabbit on Canal Street

As I emerged from the No. 6 train station on Canal Street, the Lunar New Year spirit was on full display. Throughout the area, as far as the eye could see, people showed off their best red clothes, and firecrackers popped in the distance as dragons danced across businesses.

Washington Square News
What to do this week: Free ice skating, NYU Club Fest, student film festival

A screening of Shyamalan's suspenseful 'Knock at the Cabin' 7-9 p.m. at AMC 19th Street, 890 Broadway Attend the NYU Program Board's pre-release screening of "Knock at the Cabin," directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film centers around a family taken hostage by a group of strangers who must then

Washington Square News
The Soapbox: Saudi Arabian royalty, a planned German coup, Peru's new president

In a U.S. court, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia gets away with murder A district court judge in the United States found on Dec. 6 that Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian crown prince, has legal immunity in a case concerning the 2018 killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist.

Washington Square News
Off the Radar: 'Lessons of Darkness' in the chaos of the Gulf War

Werner Herzog's 1992 film, "Lessons of Darkness," is a blazing symphony of destruction and trauma in the aftermath of human conflict. Over the course of 54 minutes, the documentary tracks the wanton devastation suffered by civilians and the environment as a result of the Gulf War.

Washington Square News
Chinese students, diaspora rally in solidarity as protests in China broaden in scope

Read this article in Simplified Chinese or in Traditional Chinese. 点击此处阅读简体中文版 | 點擊此處閱讀繁體中文版 Hundreds of protesters flooded Washington Square Park to condemn the Chinese government's rigid response to the pandemic, and accuse it of overreaching its authority in Tibet and Hong Kong, during a rall

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The controversies of the Brooklyn Nets

Aug. 8, just before 8 p.m., Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai tweeted "Our front office and coaching staff have my support. We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets." Not even 90 days later, head coach Steve Nash was fired after a 2-5 start.

Washington Square News
How the New York Rangers can help develop their young players

With the month of November underway, the Rangers have had a decent start to the season. While they have yet to dominate the league, they have also not collapsed to start the year, which is crucial in the race to the Eastern Conference finals.

Washington Square News
Celebration of Black cinema and civil rights in America: 'Malcolm X' turns 30

Over one thousand New Yorkers gathered at the opulent Howard Gilman Opera House to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" biopic on Nov. 22. The Brooklyn Academy of Music hosted a celebration of filmmaking, the civil rights movement and Black culture, filling the evening with a p

Washington Square News
Off the Radar: 'News from Home' captures urban solitude and fleeting memories

New York City is no stranger to the silver screen. Time and time again, it has set the stage for gritty crime dramas, sappy rom-coms and billion-dollar superhero blockbusters. Audiences from across the globe immediately associate the city with the grandeur and spectacle of cinema. However, the c

Washington Square News
All Rise for Aaron Judge as he chases Yankees' home run record

I always love going to baseball games early to watch the players warm up, especially when Aaron Judge is playing. Watching him stroll onto the field, you realize just how big 6'7" really is. His shoulders definitely look broad enough to carry the inconsistent and injury-prone Yankees through a playo

Washington Square News
5 things to know about the New York Rangers this season

The New York Rangers are five games through the regular season, with a current record of 3-1-1 after an overtime loss to the San Jose Sharks on Oct. 20. While it is still early, there is plenty to be said on the Rangers season thus far.

Washington Square News
Men's basketball looks to build on winning season

After last year's mixed season for the NYU men's basketball team, in which they had its first winning record in six years, but finished second to last in the conference, the program has made some big changes ahead of the new season.