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Shayla Jenkins

Writer. Planner. Researcher.

Location icon United States

Through course projects and work experience, I have exemplified my leadership qualities and eye for strategic planning and message development. My background in sales has taught me the importance of effective communication, as well as how to build and maintain strong relationships with the public.

Some of my passions include environmental health and animal welfare advocacy, as I have spent much of my time volunteering at animal sanctuaries and conducting extensive research on the world's worst environmental issues. In my professional career, I hope to spark motivation and passion within others through the stories and messages I produce.


Animal & Environmental Health Research

Environmental Communication
Animal Agriculture Industry

This framing analysis study focuses on 11 news media products in order to examine how each source portrays the animal agriculture industry and how it affects the environment and human health. The articles show how every aspect of the environment is suffering from the pollution and waste that factory farming is creating.

Environmental Communication
Overfishing: Operation Saving Nemo

Three quarters of the world fisheries are overexploited, fully exploited, or significantly depleted due to overfishing. For every single pound of fish caught, there is up to five pounds of un-targeted species trapped known as “bi-kill.” In fact, scientists predict that we’re going to see fishless oceans by the year 2048.

Environmental Health
The Bottled Water Industry

Bottled water allows consumers to carry the product on the go, and with its single servings, the public is more likely to continue to repurchase. No matter where you are, the option to buy a bottle of water is in close reach. While this massive industry continuously grows, the consequences of plastic poses detrimental effects to our health, as well as the environment’s.

Marketing & Public Relations Materials

Business & The Workplace
Business Plan: Belleza

Belleza will provide makeup artistry and cosmetics to consumers looking to purchase products, as well as those seeking makeup appointments. Belleza’s unique atmosphere and exceptional one-on-one service will set the store apart from its competition.

Westminster's Public Relations Team
The Happy Bus

Flyer promoting Westminster's Happy Bus social media platforms