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Sharon Samuel


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Living in Canada has been my dream since I was 12 years old. I landed in Kitchener, Ontario on Sept. 7, 2015 and my life has been great since then. At present, I am a journalism student at Conestoga College with lots of zeal and excitement about my new career and my new life in Canada. I also have a Bachelors' degree in English and Communication Skills from India.

I was a reporter/production manager at Spoke, Conestoga College's weekly newspaper. I have learned to research, interview, write and edit my news stories effectively. I have also learned how to shoot, edit and publish a video news story and I can cover events and take photos with my DSLR effectively.

I love what I am doing and I am passionate about it. I am not scared to try new things that come my way and I am positive that I will do everything needed to produce quality work.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 5197813823

Taking the plunge for a good cause

BY SHARON SAMUEL Is there any better way to contribute to a charity than jumping into cold water on a cold day? Conestoga Students Inc. hosted the 36th annual Polar Plunge on Feb. 17 outside the Doon campus cafeteria. The initiative raises money each year for a charity.

Running can help you quit smoking

BY SHARON SAMUEL "I went in and signed up. I was the 250-pound smoker who took up running. About a year after that I became the assistant manager of the (Running Room) and now I am the area manager for the company," said Barry Smith.

Portrait project celebrates Canada's 150th

BY SHARON SAMUEL The residents of Waterloo have made self-portraits as a birthday present to Canada for its 150th year. The We are Waterloo Portrait Project was an initiative of the City of Waterloo's art and culture team to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday this year.

Support daffodil month

BY SHARON SAMUEL Want to help people who are fighting cancer? Then, buy a daffodil pin during the Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil Month. Every April the charity launches its daffodil campaign selling daffodil pins and fundraising door-to-door. The Canadian Cancer Society, Waterloo-Wellington Community Office, is looking for site co-ordinators and volunteers to help raise funds.

Stratford calls for local actor

I interviewed Brent McCready-Branch, a Grade 7 Queensmount Public School student who played the role of Davy Gam in The Breath of Kings: Redemption second season at the 2016 Stratford Festival. I wrote this news story for Waterloo Chronicle while I was an Intern there.

The art of micro-budget filmmaking

I was interested in doing this story because watching movies is one of my favourite hobbies. This news story is about Ava and Helmann, grads of UT, started Canted Pictures to make short films and this news story is about them sharing their ideas of how to make a movie with relatively less budget.

Ariel isn't the only thing under the sea

This is a news story about Kara (pumpkin queen), who carved 115 pumpkins for Halloween to raise money for United Way Cambridge to help the needy.

A sweet milestone

I covered this event while I was an intern at Waterloo Chronicle. This news story is about Trevor, who donated blood for the fiftieth time at a blood bank and he gave out corns to people who came to donate blood on that day as a token of appreciation.

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