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Sharon Brand

Founder of Brand's Media Group

Location icon France

Sharon Brand was born in Paris, raised in Montreal, and studied in Tel Aviv to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She graduated and got her Master's Degree at Parsons School of Design studying Fashion Studies where she spent her first year in New York City and transferred in Paris, France. After creating a blog in 2016 (www.brandtravels.com), Sharon founded Brand’s Media Group, a Social Media & Communication Agency to help business elevate their Instagram and online strategies.

She believes that in a world where small and big businesses have what it takes to connect with the right people, build their own community and expose their true self digitally. Therefore, Brand’s Media Group helps businesses of all sizes reach their full potential by helping them connect with people in a loving and passionate way.

Her skills are mainly related to Communications, Social Media, Digital, specifically Instagram.


BMG Press

Hello Lovely Magazine
Brand's Media Group: Community, Collaboration & Creativity

With passion and a deep sense of purpose, one can accomplish anything. Such was the story of the founder of Brand's Media Group, Sharon Brand. More than just a media agency, BMG is an expression of community, collaborati...

Apple Podcasts
‎We The Women on Apple Podcasts

‎We The Women is a podcast empowering badass women to boss up personally and professionally! Follow us on Instagram @wethewomenmedia Follow Margarita Lyadova as she interviews incredible women. Hear their life stories, experiences and advice. Ready. Set. Slay. Support this podcast: https://anchor....

Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris
How we Helped the Community of Montreal During COVID-19

By Sharon Brand, MA Fashion Studies My last few months of being a student at Parsons Paris had to be cut short, sadly. With COVID-19 around the corner, I had to fly back home to Montreal and remain close to my family, at home. But I couldn't sit still and do nothing regarding this situation.

Parsons Paris
In Conversation with Alexandre Samson: Fashion Curation, Archives & Heritage Lab

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, curator Alexandre Samson came to @parsonsparis as part of a new lecture series 'Fashion Curation, Archives & Heritage Lab' to talk about his experiences in fashion exhibition curating. Samson discussed issues of collecting, conserving and exhibiting contemporary fashion with reference to past exhibitions he has curated at the Musee Bourdelle and Palais Galleria.

Parsons Paris
Soon-to-be Graduates Think About the Future

Sharon Brand (MA Fashion Studies '20) and four other MA Fashion Studies students graduating this May talk about how they see their post-graduation futures. As our time at Parsons Paris is coming to an end, my fellow future graduates and I are planning out our future.

Parsons Paris
Top Five Workout Studios for Students in Paris

When you are a student and live in a city where bakeries are at every street corner, it's hard to find the motivation to work out. With the delicious smell of croissants and the gorgeous Parisian bistros, the temptation is real right?

Parsons Paris
Join a Paris Safety + Harassment Workshop

We invite you to join a Paris safety + Harassment workshop this Thursday, October 10th. If interested, you can find more information below. Have a good rest of the week! - Parsons Paris Student Government. - Have you been a target for street harassment in Paris? This workshop is a safe space to share.

Parsons Paris
Exhibition : Israel à la Mode!

Second year grad student at the MA in Fashion Studies at Parsons Paris, Or Rosenblum is curating the first Fashion Exhibition of the World Zionist Organization alongside Shaked Arkin. Opening this Thursday in Paris, Israël à la Mode showcases the industrial and cultural fashion system in Israel and will be open in Paris from September 19 - 24, 2019 (closed on Saturday the 22nd).

Parsons Paris
MERDE Magazine Coming Your Way

This Friday, Parsons Paris student Molly Apple is launching the first issue of her magazine called MERDE. Molly is a second year graduate student enrolled in the Fashion Studies program. We decided to interview Molly to know more about MERDE and the entire process behind the creation of her work...

Parsons Paris
My Transfer to Parsons Paris

Being born in Paris and having left to Montreal at the age of 5, it was obvious for me I was never coming back here. Never once in my life, I thought I would come back to Paris. To study, to live, ...


Galler Fashion - Telavivian

Written by Sharon Brand Young Telavivian designer Noa Geller took a step back into her childhood and got inspired by the world of Botany with a nonchalant urban look for this Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Sometimes the best of our present ideas come from our past, and the fashion designer got inspired from growing up in ...

Shirly Halperin - Telavivian

by Telavivian | 25.05.17 Written by Sharon Brand Simplicity at its finest: this is how Shirly Halperin should be known! The clothing line that offers quality summer clothing for the upcoming season is truly simple, minimalist and effortlessly chic and elegant.

Laila - Telavivian

by Telavivian | 08.05.17 Written by Sharon Brand. The music in Israel is unexplainable. Once you hear it, you will not be able to keep your feet off of the ground. Cool girls Maya Perry and Avishag Cohen Rodrigues represent this musical sphere with their band Laila-using drums, guitar and vocals for the perfect musical sound.

Eyal Pinkas - Telavivian

Written by Sharon Brand Photographer Eyal Pinkas is full of creative ideas and will stop at nothing to bring them to reality. Pinkas lives and works in Heidelberg and Tel Aviv and keeps his art focused around architectural subjects, working with many different shapes combined with nature itself, giving off very original ideas.

Hilla Shamia - Telavivian

by Sharon Brand Casting tree trunks to form furniture, combining nature with modern designs-this can be tricky. How can an old wood piece become a part of a modern, silver metallic chair? If you're looking to decorate your apartment-especially with these styles in mind-look no further than Hilla Shamia's studio, located in the center of Tel Aviv.

Oren Fischer - Telavivian

Oren Fischer is a Tel Avivian artist who started whose sculptures embrace a childish art style. For the past two years, he has been working with a language he created, which includes texts and drawings in his own font. Fischer draws in the streets and with his unique free style, he discusses socio-political issues, romanticizing everyday events.

Kelim - Telavivian

Created in 2009 by young artists and choreographers, the Kelim Choreography Center made its appearance with the hope to teach, research and create an ambiance and a connection between different dancers. For Tel Avivians who enjoy dancing as a hobby, this center is full of experimentation, practice programs and dancing initiations; you will develop new movements ...

Roni Hajaj - Telavivian

If you are looking to connect to really beautiful and intense art in Tel Aviv, look no further than Roni Hajaj! Born in 1976, Roni Hajaj, works and has always lived in Tel Aviv.

Dana Ruttenberg - Telavivian

The talented Israeli dancer and artist, Dana Ruttenberg has been choreographing, teaching and dancing for as long as she can remember. Ruttenberg has much to be proud of-the artist has participated in many festivals, contests and projects of different kinds that have won her awards.

Karma She - Telavivian

Israeli singer Karma She is recently killing it in the music industry. Why did she choose Karma She as her name? The singer's real name is actually Carmel and Karma was always her nickname as a teen. Karma She tried to find a name that represented the creative feminine energy that will push her to grow bigger.

Maya Bash - Telavivian

A talented Tel Avivian designer, Maya Bash established her brand in 2005 after graduating from Shenkar college of Art and Design. All of Bash's clothes designs are made using hand production techniques and only natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and merino wool from Lithuania.

Agas & Tamar - Telavivian

Agas and Tamar is a unique Israeli jewelry brand that just keeps on growing. Two designers, Einat Agasi and Tamar Harel-Klein combine antique materials and modern techniques to make their beautiful pieces. Raw materials of silver and gold are used in the jewelry crafting process to create alluring rings, earrings, necklaces and more.

Tamar Hirschfeld - Telavivian

We are all aware that art is everywhere in Israel; Tamar Hirschfeld is on artist in particular who lives and works in Tel Aviv that we'd like to highlight. She has had plenty of her artwork exhibited in multiple cities around the world; such as Paris, New York and Nice.

Sasha Nassar - Telavivian

The talented young Arab-Israeli designer Sasha Nassar has the ability to express her sense of fashion in the most unique way. Not only did Nassar win a prize at the London Graduate Fashion Week International Show for her fascinating work-she left many people in the fashion world simply speechless.

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip
The Art Of Beatboxing In Israel

Also known as a form of vocal percussion or sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice, beatboxing is a very popular form of music that originated in the 1980s. It is not only catchy when you hear it but also inspiring because you will definitely want to try to do it to.

The Culture Trip
Best Romantic Getaways In Israel

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and so are pink teddy bears, red roses, delicious chocolates and all kinds of cheesy things you can find in stores. Although some couples casually stay at home, others enjoy going somewhere more romantic. Israel has many different places where couples can go and spend the most amazing time.

The Culture Trip
Spending A Day At The Famous Shuk HaCarmel

Israelis bargaining for a price on a shirt, tourists buying sweaters at every corner and children eating spicy humus while licking their fingers - yes, you are at the right place, the famous HaCarmel Market. In the heart of this Middle Eastern city, you will find the best Mediterranean spices, dried olives and fruits and much more.

The Culture Trip
Meet The Tel Aviv-Based Fitness And Health Instructor, Sheerle Dove

Born in Los Angeles and living in Tel Aviv, Sheerle Dove always had a passion for working out and exercising while maintaining a stable and positive state of mind. Dove spends her days outside, where she is able to train in the fresh air by the sea breeze.

The Culture Trip
Meet The Tel Aviv-Based Fashion Blogger, Jess Ohayon

Born in Montreal and now living in Tel Aviv, fashion blogger Jessica Ohayon has big dreams for the fashion industry. From hippie bling bracelets to vintage jean jackets, Jessica gets her inspiration from the little things that you can find in the most random stores.

The Culture Trip
Mix It Up With The Best 7 Bars Around Tel Aviv's King George Area

From bartenders dressed as pharmacists to cocktail drinks in test tubes, this place is called a 'cocktail bar pharmacy' for a reason. is probably the only bar where you will be greeted by a skeleton at the entrance and sit down around flasks and a unique ambiance.

The Culture Trip
An Average Day In Tel Aviv

No matter who you are, you will always find something to do in the diverse, sunny and energetic city of Tel Aviv. Spending only a day here can be quite a challenge, since there are so many things to do in such limited time.

The Culture Trip
The Coffee Lover's Guide To Central Tel Aviv

Whether it is with three spoonfuls of brown sugar, 1% soy milk, or iced, if you love coffee, you just do and you need to have it before starting your day. Before heading to work or going to school, it is always better to have a delicious cup of coffee that will awaken you for the entire day.

The Culture Trip
7 Reasons Why Tel Aviv's Beaches Are The Perfect Getaway

Every then and now, it feels good to simply relax and enjoy the little things. After a hectic week at school or chaotic days at work, having some time for yourself is quite liberating. Doing so by going to the beach is simply the best get away possible.

The Culture Trip
Meet The Tel Aviv-Based Writer And International Journalist, Tiffanie Wen

What is the most unusual story you've written about and had published? I taught myself to lucid dream-which is when you realize you're dreaming and can control your actions and the context of the dream-for a piece I did in The Atlantic. My first lucid dream (which I describe in this story) was an incredible experience.

The Plant

Germ Magazine

Germ Magazine
Introducing the Must-Have '80s Statement Jean Jacket

Having a jean jacket in your closet is essential! Jean jackets are just made to be put on with anything you already have, which is why they are so special. Seriously, though, if you don't already have a jean jacket, I invite you to buy one online or at the nearest local store.

Germ Magazine
The 3 One-Piece Bathing Suits You Need This Summer

Whether you're going to the beach on a hot summer day or to a cool pool party at your friend's, bathing suits are essential! Shopping for the perfect bathing suit is exciting and stressful but always a good time. This season, say goodbye to bikinis and hello to one-piece bathing suits.

Germ Magazine
How to Style a White Romper for Spring

Rompers are flawless and perfect for warmer spring temperatures. Are you too lazy to put on the perfect pair of shorts and a shirt? Just take out a romper and style it differently on different occasions! As for the color, less black and more white for spring!

The Senior Times


12 Top Restaurants In Tel Aviv For Every Possible Craving

No matter what you're in the mood for, you're guaranteed to find it in one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. With the most diverse and delicious restaurants, you'll never have a craving you can't satisfy. Hope you're all hungry! TYO When it comes to sushi, you don't want to risk eating in the wrong place.

16 Painfully True Expectations Vs Reality In Israel

Israel can be full of surprises. No matter where you're headed, you will always find yourself in the funniest and most unexpected situations. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself! Everything listed below are things I've experienced during my year in Israel. Sharon is studying communications at IDC and has her own travel blog; BrandTravels.

Pink Pangea


A Sufganyot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away | Masa Israel

Hanukah is right around the corner and Israel is definitely getting ready for this crazy, cheerful, and festive holiday! Wherever you are, nearly any shop you enter, you will always find these mouth-watering and famous doughnuts for this upcoming celebration!

Ask Me Fit

Ask Me Fit
7 ways to lose weight without following any strict diet - It works 100%

There are many diet which are working well and providing stunning results among people but there are many people struggling with the same and it is not because of those diets but we are the reason behind it. Our lifestyle, work culture and uneven timing for food is the main culprit.

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