Shari A. Malin

Fiction and Screen Writer

Location icon United States

Shari A. Malin holds a master's degree in English Education and has spent much of her life teaching students the joy of reading and writing. Her love of writing began when she was in elementary school and has carried through her entire adult life.

Shari is the author of the Highland Home series which currently includes Mourning Sun, Captured Sun, Seven Days, Banished Sun and Nine Lives. Shari has also written several romance novels. The most recent include a thriller romance and a historical romance.

In 2014, Shari shifted her writing focus from novels to scripts and screenplays. Since then, she has completed several feature film screenplays and scripts for several series. Her favorite genres are drama and science fiction.

Drawn to Darkness #SYTYCW15 #Intrigue

Special Agent Dante Wyly snapped a glove over his right hand and surveyed the scene. He'd known the minute he'd hit the building that the scene was messy. His nose hadn't deceived him. The body lay sprawled across the bed, one wrist dangling from a cuff attached to the headboard.

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