Shannon Cook

Editorial Coordinator at RACQ

Location icon Australia

I'm a Brisbane based journalist who has worked with publications like RACQ's The Road Ahead, RACQ Living, Global Hobo and Navitime Travel.

RACQ The Road Ahead
DNA dilemma

The X and why's of DNA testing.

RACQ Living
Crocs and conservation with Terri Irwin

Queensland's croc wrangling queen of conservation, Terri Irwin, talks to Your shout about why we all need to show Australia's largest reptile a bit more love.

RACQ Living
Review: Judy

You won’t view The Wizard of Oz the same after this heartbreaking biopic.

RACQ Living
Phil Brown, the Kowloon Kid

From the streets of Kowloon, Hong Kong, to the pages of The Courier Mail as Arts Editor - Phil Brown has lived a life that's anything but ordinary.

RACQ The Road Ahead
Hugo the boss

Staffordshire bull terrier Hugo has come out on top as the winner of the 2019 RACQ Pet Search competition.

RACQ Living
Super changes

How will the latest round of superannuation contribution changes impact you?

Global Hobo
Don't Tell Me How To Travel

For years, I have been told that my way of travelling is wrong. It's a habit that I was once ashamed of, but now, unabashedly I am an "informed traveller" who, like many others, secretly enjoys the daggy pastime of planning my holidays.

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