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Shannon Cantrell

Freelance Copywriter and Editor

Location icon United States

Shannon Cantrell is a scrupulous editor and creative writer with a bent towards topics in travel, culture, political science, psychology, and literary fiction. She has acted as an editing contributor to articles featured in the American Psychology Association and the British Journal of Psychology. Distinguished among her peers, Shannon’s works have been showcased by previous professors as references for future students.

Currently she lives in a two bedroom apartment with a lovely roommate and a
not-nearly-as-lovely rescued street-cat named Simon. However, despite being a self-proclaimed “dog person”, Shannon supposes, “he is kind of cute sometimes”.



Daegu Dreams
Beyond the Curb

Nothing screams an American childhood quite like PB&Js and mischievous escapades.


Personal Files
Count Me a Fool

Raised by wolves in human clothing, can he fight the bestial tendencies that run in the family?