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Shannon Mugford

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10 Must Have's For Your Shoe Collection This Year - Society19 UK

Are you a complete shoe addict that loves refreshing their shoe collection every year? Girl, you've come to the right place if so because this article is going to give you 10 shoe styles that'll be must-haves this year; whether you're a true trainer lover or a classic barely-there style heel buff we'll have something that's right for you.

Society19 UK
5 Games Every Adult Needs To Play - Society19 UK

Are you planning on hosting a games night soon but you're a bit bored of the same old games like Monopoly and Cluedo because they tend to end the night in a massive bicker? Or maybe you want to get to know your party a bit more by testing the boundaries?

Society19 UK
10 Tips On How To Survive Post-Grad Depression - Society19 UK

We all know how hard post-graduation depression hits you because you can no longer hang out with your bestest pals all day, go and boogie pretty much every night and even though essay writing was the reason you used to cry yourself to sleep you're still gutted you won't be submitting anything last minute.

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5 Things To Do If You Visit Liverpool - Society19 UK

Looking to visit Liverpool sometime soon but not sure where the best places to go are in this charming city? Well, fear not because here you will find five unique activities to do and places to visit which you might not have thought of but will make your trip ridiculously fun and make you want to visit again and again.