Sarah Hammond

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

I am Sarah Hammond. I love to write about content that interests me and that I have strong opinions about. I am a general freelance writer, but I specialize in research, animal care, travel, and medical fields. When I find a subject I feel opinionated about, I will research unbiasedly; so that I can have a true understanding of the subject. I am dedicated to completing all work before the deadline and assuring that it is competent and well thought out, but also easy to understand. I am always open to constructive criticism because a writer is always gaining knowledge. I am looking forward to meeting any writing needs you have.

CBD: The Details

The latest health management trend is CBD. It is a very controversial topic in many households. Is it legal? Does it really work? Will it make me high like marijuana? All valid questions that need to be answered. I myself was looking into CBD for pain management purposes, but I work and can't and don't want to feel intoxicated.

Shift vs Fixed Schedules

We all know that working a paying job is a necessity of life. We also know that just because you have a job does not mean you have a schedule you like or even a payday that is enough to pay all the...