Seyma Bayram

Multimedia Journalist

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Rush Hour

An ongoing photo series on commuters in New York City.



The Bronx Ink
Bronx Residents Harbor Mixed Views on New Community-Policing Initiative

Recently, on a Wednesday afternoon on Gun Hill Road, a produce vendor was ticketed and fined for not having a permit. He had to dismantle his tent and all of his produce was carted away by a City Harvest truck. Officers on the scene stated that somebody had issued a complaint to their local police officers.

The Bronx Ink
Immigrants Face Barriers to Bronx parks

The sun was about to set at Williamsbridge Oval Park in the Bronx, but the action was just getting started. A group of Mexican and West African young men changed into sneakers in the middle of the soccer field.

Digital Tailspin

With the reauthorisation of the USA PATRIOT Act up for contestation on 1 June 2015, German net activist Michael Seemann's recent book Digital Tailspin: Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden couldn't be a timelier contribution to the debates surrounding mass digital surveillance, network neutrality and information freedom.

Bigger Isn't Always Better: Notes on The Moving Museum Istanbul

"It's like a soup made with two carrots and ten gallons of broth," an artist remarked during our conversation about The Moving Museum's exhibition in Şişhane Otopark, held from 28 October till 14 December 2014. I, too, felt underwhelmed, given The Moving Museum's extremely successful self-branding strategies and steady press output since its...