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Selene Verri


Location icon France

Professional journalist with broad experience in print, online and broadcasting media in a wide range of domains (international politics, new technologies, culture...).

Originally from Milan, based in Lyon, often working in Brussels, I travel a lot between France, Belgium and Italy.

In September 2017 I published an ebook for the Italian publisher DelosDigital on my travels through the Kurdistan borders, "Nelle piaghe del Leone" (Inside the Lion's Wounds).

In 2014 I published for my own French-based publishing house Phaeluna a photographic booklet on the Kurdish issue, "Rojbas - Bienvenue au Kurdistan" (Rojbas - Welcome to Kurdistan). Photos: Giovanni Sacchetti; texts: mine.

Specialties: Kurdish issue, science fiction



La sociologue turque Pinar Selek présente une "biographie politique"

Pinar Selek : "Erdogan n'est pas tombé du ciel. Il est un fruit de ce système".... LIRE L'ARTICLE : Aujourd'hui dans l'actualité : les titres en vidéo euronews : la chaîne d'information la plus regardée en Europe. Abonnez-vous !



Kurdish referendum: should the EU fear independence?

Why should the European Union be worried about independence for Iraq's Kurdish region? Speak to Kurds, and many say it should not be. Ebubekir Isik, who researches the Kurdish issue, has been living in Brussels with his Turkish wife for around five years. He is originally from Istanbul, but his family is from southeastern Turkey.

Sul fronte per Charlie

L'intervista a William nasce nell'ambito dell'ebook "Nelle piaghe del Leone", che sarà pubblicato a settembre da Delos Digital nella collana Passport.Grazie all'Autrice per averci concesso questo stralcio del libro, disponibile da settembre. di Selene Verri Il Bataclan e la vecchia sede di Charlie Hebdo sono entrambi a una decina di minuti a piedi da questo bistrot parigino dove William mi ha dato appuntamento.

Understanding ISIL's sexual attacks against the Yazidis

Femicide is essential to genocide. Any genocide. It's what emerged from the International Yazidi Women's Conference that took place on March 11 and 12 in Bielefeld, Germany. Almost nobody had heard of the Yazidis before 2014, when the community living on the Shengal mountains, in Northern Iraq, was brutally massacred by ISIL.


Sacchetti: legge buona, applicazione controproducente

Basta sacchetti inquinanti. Lo chiede l'Unione europea, l'Italia obbedisce. Ma uno degli stessi membri della commissione ambiente del Parlamento europeo, Marco Affronte, sulla sua pagina Facebook dice che "le cose sono state fatte 'all'italiana', riuscendo a scontentare quasi tutti". E alcune norme sembrano in effetti andare contro lo spirito della stessa direttiva europea.

Science and environment

Life is LiFi in smart buildings

Just imagine: you get back home one evening, unlocking your door with the torch light of your mobile. You sit down on your sofa, download a film 100 times faster than currently possible and enjoy the movie on a fully secure wireless connection.

The fight on plastics heats up in the EU

A wind of change is blowing across Europe, trying to sweep away all the plastic bags that are littering our countries. January 2018 has been a busy month in this sense.

EU Clean energy package: more chance for "energy citizens"?

The next few weeks are going to be crucial for the future of renewable energy in Europe. The EU Parliament and the national governments are currently finalising their respective positions on the "Clean energy for all Europeans " package, which will shape energy policy across Europe for the next decade.



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