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My name is Selena Randhawa and I am a journalist based in London, UK. I have an extensive background working for different newsrooms and publications around the world, which include Great Big Story, CNN, the Guardian, the Times and Condé Nast. I am passionate about telling stories and strive to shed light onto issues and subjects that are often left out of mainstream media.

Winner of the PPA New Talent Award and Finalist for the Amnesty International Media Award

the Guardian
'Our society is broken': what can stop Canada's First Nations suicide epidemic?

"... And I hope that we will not have to bury one more innocent child - the future of our communities and the future of our nation." Sheila North Wilson, grand chief and representative of more than 75,000 indigenous people living across northern Canada, was in Ottawa last February to discuss the many issues plaguing First Nations communities.

Love in conflict

There are 28 active conflicts around the world at this very moment. Over the past year, CNN has collected letters written between loved ones who have been in the path of past and present hostilities.

The Industrial Renovation: how warehouses became cool

Architecture, as it always does, responded, and the humble warehouse evolved to accommodate this new type of industry. In cities such as Manchester, England, the distinctive cotton warehouse, for example, proliferated, with these imposing structures becoming physical markers of their time. In recent decades, however, many of these brick buildings are standing empty.

WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online

Dubbed "the homework gap" by researchers, students without the use of reliable internet access at home find it harder to complete and submit homework assignments, further expanding the inequality already seen in low-income communities. While some US schools provide their students with laptops or iPads, according to Pew Research Center, almost 5 million American households with school-aged children lack broadband in the home.

Home of 'biggest indoor rainforest' to create oasis in Chinese city

The Eden Project is built on a disused clay pit the size of 30 football pitches and consists of two massive transparent domes -- known as biomes -- which house more than 3,000 species of plants. The eco-park, in Cornwall, south-west England, was opened 16 years ago to educate people about sustainability and the environment.

Why India's wedding season is a boon for Dubai

October marks the start of the Indian wedding season, brought on by a string of auspicious dates in the Hindu calendar. Up to 20 million weddings take place in India annually, and while each will be unique, they'll have a few things in common. One of them is gold.

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