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Sebastian Bae

Columnist, Foreign Policy Magazine

Location icon United States of America

Sebastian J. Bae, a columnist for Best Defense at Foreign Policy Magazine, served six years in the Marine Corps infantry, leaving as a sergeant. He deployed to Iraq in 2009. Afterwards, he received his masters at Georgetown University‚Äôs Security Studies Program, specializing in violent non-state actors and counterinsurgency. He has written for War on the Rocks, Strategy Bridge, Ramen IR, and others. In his free time, he loves to travel, rock climb, surf, and dabble in photography. To contact him: [email protected]

Foreign Policy
But Will It Scale in Kabul?

Follows the journey of three veteran organizations/businesses determined to give back to the countries they once deployed to as US warfighters.

Georgetown Security Studies Review
Unraveling the Organizational Collapse of the Tamil Tigers

For nearly three decades, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was one of the most notorious insurgencies in the world. In 2009, the Sri Lankan military stunned the world by dismantling the LTTE with a campaign of unrestricted counterinsurgency. Current counterinsurgency literature takes a state-centric approach, evaluating state strategies to explain the rise and fall of terrorist groups and insurgencies. Yet, a close examination of the Sri Lankan case reveals the defeat of the LTTE...

Ramen IR
Should I Join the Military to Advance My Career?

Military service, whether officer or enlisted, is not for everyone, nor should it. But, for those considering military service to advance your careers in the security/intelligence/policy field, I offer you three pieces of advice.

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