Sean Brown


Location icon United States of America

Sean Brown is a copywriter from Philadelphia. As a graduate from Temple University, he's worked for small news organizations, documentary production companies and multimedia websites. His work has been purchased by, and he regularly enters into short fiction contests. He's written copy ranging from personal health and wellness tips to the sociological impact of our developing internet culture.

Five Ways To Get Over A Down Day -

First, you wake up late because your alarm never went off. You can't find your cell phone anywhere. After a few minutes of frantic searching, you give up and decide to make breakfast. In your rush, you spill Very Berry Breakfast smoothie all over your brand new slacks.
5 Positive Hobbies To Blast Boredom Away -

5 Positive Hobbies To Blast Boredom Away For some of us, the word "Hobby" conjures images of an obsessive agoraphobe gluing birdhouse parts together at 4 AM, or a small man in his basement listlessly watching a model train run a circuit through a miniature recreation of his hometown, or even, god forbid, a hobbyist juggler.
5 Things Mister Rogers Taught Us -

Who was Fred McFeely Rogers? The answer differs depending on who you ask. For some, he was merely a comforting presence on television, for others he was like a folk hero , and for even more he was something resembling a living saint.
The Benefits of Drinking Coffee -

Ahh, sweet, sweet coffee. Has there ever been a more delicious and enlightening nectar to grace the human palette? The answer is an ironclad "No." Seriously, we here at Positivities chug about a gallon of coffee on any given day, each.
Technology Tips for the Rest of Us: Part 1 -

Technology Tips for the Rest of Us: Part 1 Picture this: You just want to watch Downton Abbey but you can't remember the dang Hulu password. You know you can call your child/nephew/the younger person in your life to help you sort it out but you feel bad about bothering them for the umpteenth time.