Christopher Williams

Freelance Copywriter and Editor

Location icon United States

A bit about me.

I got my first degree in Classics in Portland OR in 2011, during peak Portland.

I got my Master's degree in Classics in Colorado, where I was born and raised.

I learned Latin and Ancient Greek in school, and along the way I've picked up bits of Spanish, French and German. Language acquisition is a little hobby of mine.

I turned my passion for language into a short career teaching Latin to K-12 students in Colorado.

I gave up teaching to pursue a more creative career, writing copy and editing books for clients across the country.

I make my home now in Brooklyn.

The Needle
Long-Form Marketing Campaign

I served as the lead copywriter on a long-form print and digital ad campaign for a major Miami-based company.

Technical Writing
Educational Grammar Handout

I have composed over 1,000 pages of material for the education of students in the finer points of Latin grammar, comprising various tests, quizzes, and handouts.

Four Seasons SIR
Regional Descriptions

I collaborated with a small team of copywriters to research and write descriptions for locations in Vermont for contribution to a client's database of the region.

Paid Translation
Spanish Translation

I'm a dedicated polyglot, and I've been commissioned to do some translation work in the past.

Online Brand Development
Lifestyle Blog Posts

Here you'll find some examples of posts I've written for lifestyle blogs.

Professional Biography
Professional Bios

I have ghost-written numerous short professional biographies for publication on clients' websites.