Mark de Wolf

Tech Journalist

United Kingdom

What's the story?

You — your readers, your sectors, your advertisers. Delivering news and insights that help them make better business decisions is what I do.

I'm a seasoned fintech journalist with a knack for distilling complex market mechanics and technical info into crisp, readable prose.

Are you focused on a discreet sector or long-tail opportunity few people understand? I'll immerse myself and find a way to make it accessible and interesting to an everyman audience.

I write about blockchain, crypto, forex, and energy commodities. News and features, corporate blogs, and executive profiles.

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Crypto and Forex

Energy & Renewables

Energy Central
Energy's Green Genie is out of the bottle

[Feature] The rise of renewable energy and the regulations pushing it onto the grid mean a complete re-think of how utilities assess the value and timing of energy trades.