Scotti Hill

Art and Culture Writer

Scotti Hill is a Salt Lake City based attorney, art critic, and curator. She serves as a regular contributor to The Deseret News and 15 Bytes: Utah’s Art Magazine and has curated exhibitions for Granary Arts, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Topaz Museum, and Modern West Fine Art, and worked as an Adjunct Instructor of Art History at Westminster College and the University of Utah from 2011-2015.

New Art Examiner
The Changing Landscape of Utah Art - New Art Examiner

By Scotti Hill in Utah As a state, Utah conjures two predominant associations: Mormonism and mountains. Maybe parks and monuments too. But Salt Lake City, one of the youngest and fastest-growing metro areas in the nation, is today animated by a vibrant counterculture, overflowing with coffee shops, microbreweries, and community murals.

Deseret News
At UMFA's 'Power Couples' exhibit, it takes two to tango

SALT LAKE CITY - Along a wall in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, two lovers communicate with each other from inside the bounds of their own distinct portraits. Situated in her room, a woman delicately hushes her lover with a finger raised to her mouth, while her male companion lovingly gestures to her as he departs.

Let It Rain: Michael Ryan Handley's Sublimation at UMOCA

completing his MFA at Yale in 2014, Michael Ryan Handley has been busy. A native Utahn, he now operates out of studios in Philadelphia and New York. His artistic processes are complex and experimental, combining a western fascination with the land with a typically eastern penchant for industrial ma...

Center for Art Law
Fine Art Storage Services v. Insurance Companies: A Cautionary Tale

By Scotti Hill* Hindsight is 20/20, however, art storage facilities are supposed to be forward looking to make sure that property entrusted to them for safekeeping remains protected and unaltered while in their custody. Elements such as temperature, humidity and pest control are vital to preserve artworks from any damage or total loss.
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art tackles politics, immigration in new exhibits

Fredrik Nilsen, David Kordansky Gallery After receiving its fifth Andy Warhol Foundation grant, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is presenting five new exhibitions that explore diverse issues of political and global significance. SALT LAKE CITY - In an election year, art's propensity to challenge and foster intellectual discussion is as important as ever, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art reflects this.

The Monitoring Gaze: Panopticon at UMOCA

In a technologically vibrant world, it is increasingly difficult to separate ourselves from our digital appendages, as screens, wires and gadgets serve as tangible reminders of the more complicated, invisible networks that surround us.

Our America: Latino Presence at the UMFA

by Scotti Hill To consider oneself an American is to acknowledge an inherent lack of cultural homogeny. The nation is comprised of countless national ancestries, cultures, religions and customs. So much so that the traditional and hopeful "melting pot" metaphor has given way to the more realistic "tossed salad."
Topaz Museum's inaugural exhibition offers lessons on the human condition

Scotti Hill, Topaz Museum The Topaz Museum's inaugural art exhibition, "When Words Weren't Enough: Works on Paper from Topaz, 1942-1945," tells the remarkable story of art made at the Topaz Internment Camp during World War II. DELTA, Millard County - Approximately 133 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, the town of Delta is not one of Utah's lauded tourist destinations.

Weaving the Unexpected: Navajo Pictorials from the Lucke Collection at BYU

Art maintains a remarkable ability to change and augment our perceptions of different cultures and traditions. As a title, "Weaving the Unexpected" anticipates the exhibition's capacity for redefining what is typically known about this subject. The works contained in this show present remarkable craftsmanship and skill in their own right, made even more impressive when given the added layer of modernity...
Visual wonders abound in 'Deco Japan' exhibit at BYU Museum of Art

The traveling exhibition "Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945," on display at the BYU Museum of Art, gives audiences a look at the effects of modernity and cross-cultural interaction in the years preceding and during World War II.
BYU Museum of Art's departing contemporary art curator leaves notable legacy

Brigham Young University Museum of Art PROVO - With its marvelous mountain ranges, sprawling deserts and rich history, Utah has inspired countless artists to attempt to capture the state's unique spirit. Sumptuous landscapes and educational illustrations of Utah's Native American and pioneer heritage abound in the canon of recognizable Utah art.
New Brian Bress exhibit at UMFA escapes classification to create unique experience

SALT LAKE CITY - For many people, going to art museums is a daunting task. Visions of endless hallways packed with relics of the historical past seem intimidating, perhaps even boring. Often, large museums are divided into general categories based on era, style or geography, making it all the more difficult to know where to begin.