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Sophie Bonifaz

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States of America

Writing is like sculpting: the image is trapped inside the medium, and it's your job to help it find its way out. Editing writing is like ironing fabric, with each pass smoothing out the wrinkles. In the end, you're left with something ready to face the world.

We are all a series of stories, each with their own truths. I am eager to share these truths, be they my own or someone else's, and empower readers through a variety of mediums.

Contact me: [email protected]


Blog Posts and Articles

International Quidditch Association
Various News Articles

Articles written: Gallaway Elected President of the Congress, 2015 European Games Tournament Staff, IRDP Joins the IQA

The Rice Thresher
Rice Quidditch: Not just a dream anymore

The player rushes forward, the ball tucked securely under his arm as he bolts towards the hoop, seeing an opening. The opposing team is catching up with him, and he barely manages to avoid a tackle when out of nowhere, another ball comes flying toward him.

PAIR Houston
Building Human Capabilities: Teachings by and for One PAIR Intern

By Sophie Bonifaz, PAIR Intern "Man, I hate coming here," groaned one particularly temperamental Eritrean boy. He threw his pencil on the table and leaned back in his chair, scowling as he glared at the table and showing all of us that he did not intend on cooperating any time soon.


Peftasteri Draft Excerpt
Battle in the Trenches

Scene from gaslamp fantasy story set in a WWI-esque magical war. Image © IWM (Q 70165).

Short Story Draft
The Juggler

Basco is a poor teen known for his juggling prowess. These skills attract the eye of Doña Ochoa, the head of the city's organized crime syndicate, who comes w/ an unexpected offer.


Long Way Down Ch.1 Draft

A PI who talks to the dead runs into a woman reported missing. Seems she died, came back to life as the Goddess of Death-oh, & he's her husband? Collab w/ Rose Usenica

Fan Comic

"Sometimes universes, like fate, collide. When that happens, fate does what it can; circumstances do the rest." Collab with Nicola Gower-Wallis (artist). Pages 1-15 out of 80.

Bendy Staw Productions
Uptown Bother

"Freddy is enjoying Uptown Funk! Sadly, so is everyone else." Script and storyboard.

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