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Journalist, Momentum Media

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A Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and a Bachelor of International Studies (Spain) graduate with experience in reporting, writing, publishing and editing. Most recently employed as a journalist for a daily news website covering consumer wealth and finance. Looking to step out of the box and pursue other areas of news and communications that align with my interests.

Will Climate Change the Future of Australian Wine? by scaikins

AUDIO We know that climate change will hit our farmers the hardest, but have you ever fully considered what will happen to the nation's favourite crop? The $40.2 billion Australian wine industry employs over 173,000 people, mostly in rural communities, and it is these Australians who will be struck hardest by the effects of climate change.

Popular loan structure for couples prompts warnings from lawyers

NEWS Investors have been warned against adopting a popular loan structure that may leave them vulnerable in the event of a relationship breakdown. Speaking with Nest Egg recently, Jennifer Hetherington, accredited family law specialist at Hetherington Family Law, said she was concerned that the current tough credit environment may inspire prospective property investors to seek out cross-collateralised loans, a move she said could be financially devastating should they suffer a future...

Big credit myths that are hindering your borrowing capacity

Think on-time payments of a credit card help your credit rating? Think a paid off debt doesn't have an impact on your credit score? Think again. These myths and more are major roadblocks to securing finance and convincing a lender you're a low-risk customer.

Big changes for super funds put to government

NEWS Australian superannuation members will be benefitted by $3.8 billion a year under findings handed down by the Productivity Commission to the Morrison government. According to the commission's final report into Australia's $2.8 trillion superannuation sector, structural flaws including unintentional multiple accounts and significant underperforming products across funds have considerably reduced millions of members' balances heading into retirement.

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Sven Almenning's Online Training Portal Hopes to Revolutionise Industry Standards

The name Sven Almenning is already synonymous with ‘education’ to many in the industry, but the owner of Speakeasy Group has taken it one step further with his latest project. Almenning has collaborated with some of the industry’s greats to establish Ananas, a portal offering online training courses, in the hope of creating a benchmark for the industry.

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This World Bartender Day, Let's Talk About Health - Drinks World

FEATURE World Bartender Day is coming up fast (24th February), and with bartending increasingly being recognised as a serious and admirable career choice, there's no better time to celebrate those dedicated to the profession. Whilst it's a time to give yourselves a firm pat on the back for the contribution you make to your city's culture ...

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The Ancient Fermented Tonic: Kombucha - Explore Drinks

FEATURE Once the elixir of hippies and health nuts, kombucha has been thrust into the limelight of the mainstream in recent years. The fermented tea drink is fast surpassing soft drink sales, with the kombucha market poised to grow by 25% each year through to 2020.

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Meet: Gareth Lewis

INTERVIEW Gareth Lewis is a man who wears many hats – liquor retailer, venue owner, event organiser, state food and wine ambassador and twotime local politician… But there’s one moniker Gareth holds above all else: South Australian. In each of his many ventures, Gareth has been dedicated to showcasing the quality produce the great Southern state has to offer. We spoke with Gareth recently about his love for South Australian produce, his involvement in the local community and the issues he’d...

Meet: Tulloch Wines CEO Christina Tulloch

VIDEO Christina Tulloch is a fourth generation Tulloch family member and CEO. Here she talks about why Chardonnay is her drink of choice right now and what's next for the 122-year-plus winery. For more interviews and cocktail recipes head to #drinkresponsibly

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Best New Venues of 2017! - Drinks World

TRENDS As the year draws to a close, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most exciting new venues of this year. Be sure to check out these über cool new kids on the block if you haven't done so already. DEATHPROOF Deathproof is much, much more than your run-of-the-mill Brissie bar.

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