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Stephanie Aikins

Journalist, Active Networks

Location icon Australia

A Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and a Bachelor of International Studies (Spain) graduate with experience in reporting, writing, editing and publishing for print and online.

Most recently employed as a journalist for three news and lifestyle magazines, covering local, state and national issues of interest to residents of Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore.

North Shore Living Magazine
Out of the kindness of one's heart

Few could imagine the heartache of losing a son, but for North Shore local Ralph Kelly, such a devastating pain was to be experienced twice over.

North Shore Living Magazine
Report rate scratches the surface of sexual assaults

While a 39.4 per cent jump in reported sexual assaults over two years across the North Shore may seem like a troubling statistic, experts and advocates say it may actually be a good sign.

Peninsula Living Magazine
Zali believes climate is right to act

She ousted Warringah's former Liberal stalwart, Tony Abbott, over the climate change debate, now Zali Steggall is tackling the issue head on by introducing her anticipated climate change bill this month.

Peninsula Living Magazine
We are Australian

When 10 million hectares of our Great Southern Land burned, 3,000 houses were destroyed, a billion animals died and, tragically, 33 lives were lost. Peninsula locals banded together to offer support and open their arms to those impacted by Australia's worst fire season on record.

North Shore Living Magazine
Kane-ing the competition

Paralympian and North Shore local Tiffany Thomas Kane shares her story of hard work, endurance and victory in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Peninsula Living Magazine
Sisterhood through singing

For local Anna Humberstone, to sing in unison with others is to belong. It's this feeling she has sought to foster across the Northern Beaches and North Shore through her Hummingsong choirs.

Peninsula Living Magazine
Right up our alley

Peninsula Living caught up with Newport's Mitch Galbraith from local musical sensation Ocean Alley to talk surfing, touring, new music and the band's love of their Beaches home.

Will Climate Change the Future of Australian Wine? by scaikins

AUDIO We know that climate change will hit our farmers the hardest, but have you ever fully considered what will happen to the nation's favourite crop? The $40.2 billion Australian wine industry employs over 173,000 people, mostly in rural communities, and it is these Australians who will be struck hardest by the effects of climate change.

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