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12 ways to relive the summer in London this weekend

With temperatures set to hit 23 degrees in the capital this weekend, Londoners have been given one last chance to tick off those Summer activities they never got around to over the holidays. So dust off that floaty dress and dig out your sunnies: here's a reminder of all the glorious things this fair city has to offer on the rare occasion the weather warms up.

Five reasons you should drink more, not less coffee

Today is International Coffee Day, and while caffeine fanatics rejoice, it seems the black stuff is not quite the staple of our working day it used to be. This is according to a study commissioned by the entirely legit-sounding Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, and carried out by YouGov, which found over a quarter of people are too busy to drink coffee at work.

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Cycling in the City

Written 28 October 2016: If you have visited Glasgow recently then you have probably seen the in fashion mode of transport - bikes. The rising popularity follows the harrowing NHS report that said air pollution kills 40,000 people in the UK yearly. It seems like Glasgow is pulling together to do their bit and starting...

These are London's best fireworks displays (which still have tickets)

This weekend, the skies of London will be lit up with countless colourful fireworks displays - so get ready to wrap up and eat as much street food as possible. But if you haven't remember remembered to book tickets in advance, here are the displays you should still be able to get into.

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Hannah Trigwell, Kelvin Jones & Corey Fox-Fardell

Last night, Hannah Trigwell with support Corey Fox-Fardell and Kelvin Jones turned King Tut's into an acoustic dreamscape. The artists' mix of original songs and new interpretations of classic hits meant that there was something for everyone. Each act performed a set completely on their own, before joining forces to finishing the show with a boogie-worthy rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition'.

This airline is weighing passengers before they board flights

A Finnish airline is asking passengers to step on the scales before boarding their flight. Finnair has asked passengers at Helsinki Airport to weigh themselves before they get onto their flight to help it get more accurate information about the, er, corpulence of its passengers.

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Health & Fitness - Fit & Healthy at the Most Challenging Time of the Year

It's 8am, you have about 20 minutes before you need to leave for class and your cupboard is a mishmash of ingredients that you've never quite figured out what to do with. Stay calm but don't carry on. Instead, here are some ideas that are quick, healthy and cheap and will keep you energised throughout your studies.

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Why we need to Zzzzz

Last night, I slept from half 10 until half 9 this morning. A full ELEVEN hours. I didn't realise how much I needed that - and you might not either! So here is my wee reminder to all of yo...

Why pensioners wish they were still working

It seems retirement doesn't quite provide the rest and relaxation we expect: pensioners feel more stressed now than when they were working, according to new research. Beyond choosing which liner to pick for their next cruise, retirees blame their new-found struggles on factors such as missing office banter and being the go-to babysitter for grandchildren, according to a survey of 751 adults who retired within the last 10 years by Prudential.

Workers in the UK will need to work longer than they should

Half of workers in the UK won't have enough money to retire when they reach state pension age, according to research by Age UK. The survey of nearly 1,000 over-40s, found nearly 8m people aged 40 to 64 will not be able to retire when they hit state pension age, which currently stands at 65.

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