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Financial Times
Rough justice in Myanmar as legal system creaks

As the judge speaks, the defendant's face twists in anger, his body shaking. His family is stunned. Zaw Htwe broke a pane of glass worth 500 kyat ($0.35) while protesting in south-east Myanmar against a quarrying company's renewed licence.

Women Will Pay The Real Cost Of Our Hunger For Cheap Clothes

JAKARTA, Indonesia ― The bell rings in a garment factory on the outskirts of the sprawling city, signaling the end of a nine-hour shift. "No overtime for me today," says Istiyaroh as she rushes to collect her belongings from the lockers. Workers gradually flow outside into the steamy late afternoon heat.

The Unmaking of Myanmar

A Rohingya refugee boy looks on as he stands in a queue to receive relief supplies given by local people in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh September 16, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain A Rohingya boy stands in an IDP camp outside Kyaukpyu in Rakhine State, Myanmar on May 18, 2017.

The Independent
Fears grow for lives of thousands of Rohingya children in Burma

Fears are growing for the lives of several thousand children in northwest Burma suffering from severe malnutrition and lack of medical care but denied vital aid after a sweeping military crackdown against suspected Rohingya militants.

the Guardian
On the road with the women building Myanmar

In the mountain village of Kalaw, Myanmar, women in bamboo hats are busy laying the foundations of a road. They woke at dawn, ate mohinga fish soup for breakfast and then joined other female colleagues in the boiling sun. Surrounded by red soil and gravel, the five-month baby of 21-year-old Cho Mi Ko is also on the roadside.

the Guardian
Rohingya Muslims brave death at sea to escape 'open-air prison' in Burma

Members of the Rohingya ethnic minority have taken to the sea to flee persecution in Burma, but their options are narrowing as both Indonesia and Malaysia refuse new migrants. Residents of the cramped Aung Ming Lar ghetto reveal a bitterly hard life with many willing to risk everything to get away.

How Experts Fight A Disease When They Don't Know Whom It's Killing

This article is part of HuffPost's Project Zero campaign, a yearlong series on neglected tropical diseases and efforts to fight them. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia ― Rostam Ramili was a battle-hardened cameraman who had cheated death in Iraq and walked among the ruins of quake-ravaged Nepal.

Clicca qui e condividi

Quando ha iniziato a filmare gli espropri nella sua comunità, il venerabile Sovath era un monaco artista che girava la Cambogia per decorare le pareti delle pagode. Cosa fosse Facebook non ne aveva idea: inesistenti gli smartphone, troppo caro internet.

The Huffington Post
A Heartbreaking Look At Leprosy In 2017

YANGON, Myanmar ― Su Myant Sandar was 17 when she first noticed a red patch on her cheek. At the time, she was working with her girlfriends at a garment factory on the poor outskirts of this city. She covered the spot with a thick layer of thanaka a traditional plant-based makeup, and continued going to work as normal.

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