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Sara McHenry

Humor and Culture Writer

Location icon United States

Private Clients
Two Press Releases

Two press releases written for Make That Thing's Kickstarter campaigns.

Make That Thing Brochure

I created a promotional brochure for Make That Thing to advertise our services to creators.

Take Magazine
TopatoCo: A Massachusetts Comics Consortium | Take Magazine

At first glance, TopatoCo may seem like any other online merchant that caters to the nerd crowd: T-shirts with references to science, wizards, and cats; plush dinosaurs; and jewelry made from 12-sided dice. What one might not realize is that TopatoCo is enabling livelihoods for nearly 100 independent artists ranging from cartoonists and podcasters to game developers and musicians.

Minority Report

Personal essay/review of Minority Report, written for my zine.