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UNC 2017 | Daily Tar Heel Staff Writer

Dear NFL, Stop Fumbling the Ball on Sex Violence | Womens eNews

Credit: Parker Anderson on Flickr, under Creative Commons (WOMENSENEWS)--Dear National Football League: I wasn't the biggest football fan growing up. My mother couldn't get through a single quarter of a game and my father, while a New York Giants fan, usually put the games on the back burner to spend time with family.

So Gutsy

GypsHop: Two Artists One Sound

Female emcee &e (pronounced Andi) and songstress Tay Weinstein are independent Los Angeles musicians, through and through - and independent is the key word. With a DIY approach to the music industry, these life-long friends and the sole members of the hip-hop fusion band GypsHop are proving that good music doesn't necessarily come from one genre.

So Gutsy
Ballad of a True Poet

Singer, songwriter, and poet, Ballad is a man of passion. With a voice that can be described as romantic and lyrics that are nothing short of sensual, this Angolan native turned Brockton, Massachusetts resident spoke with So Gutsy about his thoughts on the 80s, his aspirations, and what being a musician means to him.

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Q&A with professional cuddler Donald

Professional cuddling, a business in which cuddlers offer a platonic therapeutic touch, is a trend that has been sweeping the nation for the past year. Durham-based Cuddle Time For You, opening Feb. 23, will be the first professional cuddling service in North Carolina.

Student theater groups have productive year

As the saying goes, the show must go on, and UNC campus theater had no trouble following that advice in 2013 - taking students, faculty and community members on a journey into foreign and usually controversial territory. From Jan. 1 to Dec. 3, more than 20 shows were performed by campus groups alone.

Three Hillsborough artists combine flesh and spirit in exhibit

Three local artists are exploring the truth behind the saying, "the human body is a work of art" in a Hillsborough exhibit open throughout November. The Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery is showcasing three area artists who all focus on the beauty of the human body in an exhibition called "Flesh and Spirit," which runs until Nov.

Q&A with performer Felix Pitre

Felix Pitre is a performer who focuses on bringing Latin American culture to children through puppetry, song, theater and storytelling Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York, Pitre uses performance to emphasize Latin American culture while entertaining in English and Spanish.Pitre will be performing "Stories and Songs of Latin America" at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro Thursday.

Exhibitions show undergraduate art

Greek philosopher Hippocrates once famously said that life is short, and art is long. But an exhibit of UNC undergraduate work focuses on the impermanence of art, rotating through artists in rapid succession. Various art students and student groups will be showing their artwork this week in the John and June Allcott Gallery in Hanes Art Center in one-day-only exhibitions.

News of Orange

Spotlight on Scholars lecture resurrects pre-modern Japan

Although many people are able to recognize the names of a few greats of contemporary history - Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible - the name Tokugawa Ieyasu generally does not ring a bell. Morgan Pitelka, associate professor of Asian Studies and director of the Carolina Asia Center, is doing what he can to remedy that notion.

Lucy Daniels reads from 'Walking with Moonshine' Sunday

In times of adversity, the body poses a question: fight or flight? Award-winning Raleigh author, psychologist and activist Lucy Daniels chose to fight, even when her body itself proved to be the threat. During a reading at Flyleaf Books Sunday, Daniels painted a detailed portrait of her life not only as a woman dealing with anorexia nervosa, but as a woman of great courage.

Barbara Anderson to give lecture on women's education in Africa

Those interested in learning about the issues with women's education in Africa may only need to travel as far as Flyleaf Books. Barbara Anderson, a lecturer in the African, African American and Diaspora Studies Department and Associate Director of the UNC African Studies Center, will be speaking at Flyleaf Wednesday about women's and girls' education in Africa.

Q&A with debut author Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis is the author of "The Secrets She Carried," which is about a woman who reluctantly inherits a North Carolinian plantation and finds an unmarked grave on the property, beginning her quest to discover the person buried inside.

Sculptures displayed in botanical garden

Between the trees and ferns of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, visitors throughout the next two months will be able to discover nearly 50 sculptures of all shapes and sizes. The 25th annual "Sculpture in the Garden" exhibition, held at the botanical garden, features many 3-D artists, both old and new.

Den Echoes

Den Echoes
Editorial: Ready, Set, Stop

Although death is a natural part of life, there are two rules that many can agree on: Friends come and go, but no one should have to watch friends do either in a body bag, and parents should never have to watch their children be buried.

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