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Two Museum Shows Prove That the World has Always Been This Unhinged

Anna Maria Maiolino, In-Out Anthropophagy (In-Out antropofagia),from the series Photopoemaction (Fotopoemação), 1973/74. Black-and-white analog photograph. Photo by Max Nauenberg. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth © Anna Maria Maiolino If "Are you kidding me, now what?" is one of the primary thoughts going on in your head these days, two current exhibitions in New York feel spot-on for our topsy-turvy zeitgeist.

Art in America
Lorna Simpson: Echoes of the Unspoken

Lorna Simpson, Waterbearer, 1986. Vinyl lettering, gelatin silver print, 55 by 77 inches overall. Collection Sean and Mary Kelly, New York.

Art in America
Photography: Body Double

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Jenna Jameson, 2004. Chromogenic print, 36 x 421.5 inches.

Isa Genzken Is Supreme's Newest Frenemy

Slick and disheveled, superficial and mysterious, ambitious and anti-establishment, nonsensical and high-concept, funny and dour, avant- and post- all at the same time, Isa Genzken's work embodies contradiction. It also has one foot in 20th-century modernism and another in 21st-century consumer flotsam.

An Artist's Provocative Photos of Family Life in a Damaged Town

LaToya Ruby Frazier Grandma Ruby's Porcelain Dolls II, 2007. Courtesy of Gavin Brown's enterprise It's beyond rare that a young artist's first solo show happens after she's earned a MacArthur "genius" grant, but such is the case with LaToya Ruby Frazier, whose work is on view now at Gavin Brown's Enterprise.

Naked Truths

Vanessa Beecroft, V835.377.M5, 1998. Installation at the Guggenheim in New York.

Art in America
Report from New York II: Tales of Bohemian Glory

Martin Wong, Attorney Street (Handball Court with Autobiogtaphical Poem by Miguel Piñero), 1982-84. Oil on canvas, 35 by 48 inches. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Art on Paper
Substance Abuse: The Films of Jennifer West

Jennifer West, 70MM Film Wearing Thick Heavy Black Liquid Eyeliner That Gets Smeary, 2008. 70MM film leader lined with liquied black eyeliner, doused with Jello vodka shots, and rubbed with body glitter. Courtesy MARC FOXX, Los Angeles.

Art in America
Attack of the Abstract

Jeremy Blake, multi-frame sequence from ModLang, 200l. Digital animation with sound on continuous l6-minute loop.

A New Gallery in Tribeca is Showing Paintings That Aren't Paintings

View of Michel Parmentier: Paintings & Works on Paper, Ortuzar Projects, New York. Courtesy of Ortuzar Projects, New York. Photo: Christopher Burke Studios With a pragmatic plan that, at least for now, looks no farther than two years into the future, the cosmopolitan, slightly raw new Tribeca art space Ortuzar Projects aims to focus on 20th- and 21st-century work by international artists who, while they may be unfamiliar to US audiences, have nonetheless established indelible influence...

Art in America
Report from Ridgefield: Outlaws in Art Land

Mark Lombardi, Bill Clinton, The Lippo Group and Jackson Stephens of Little Rock, Arkansas (6th Version), 1999. Graphite and ink on paper, 57 by 78 inches.