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Atlanta Jewish Times

West Bank Visit Gives Rabbi New Perspective

Congregation B'nai Torah Rabbi Joshua Heller didn't expect to celebrate his 18th wedding anniversary in a Bethlehem back alley Israelis are forbidden to enter. But he seized the...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Fellowship Connects Professors to Israeli Colleagues

When Zhaohui "Steve" Qin left for Israel at the start of June as one of 26 U.S. university professors participating in the 2017 Faculty Fellowship Summer Institute, "I thought...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Israeli Street Art Cultivates Image of Love

Israel has expanded economically and culturally the past decade, paving the way for entrepreneurs and artists to establish themselves nationally and internationally. Tel...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Atlantans Support Sports as Path to Inclusion

Jewish Atlantans David and Merle Horwitz have joined forces with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Israeli government and the Ruderman Family Foundation to...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Move the Embassy, Ex-Ambassador Says

The time has come for the United States to correct a historical wrong and move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Wilkins Gets Assist From Israeli Device

"One out of three individuals across the U.S. suffer from pre-diabetic symptoms or are prone to join the 30 million individuals who already possess the disease if they fail to...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Iranian-Americans: Regime Change Good for Region

Carpenter Drive in Sandy Springs was the scene of Iranian-American demonstrations Friday, May 19, related to Iran's presidential election, in which incumbent Hassan Rouhani won...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Bennett Emphasizes Hard Work, Strong Jewish Ties

When Naftali Bennett served in the Israel Defense Forces, he knew a soldier named Emmanuel Yehuda Moreno who worked his way to the top of the elite Sayeret Matkal special forces...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Israel Forms Security Ties With Neighbors

The Iranian nuclear deal did not satisfy Israel but may have improved the Jewish state's relations with some of its Sunni Muslim neighbors.

Atlanta Jewish Times

U.S. Rabbi Finds Home in Israeli Politics

When Rabbi Dov Lipman informed his grandmother he was moving to Israel with his wife and children, the last thing he expected was praise, but a phone conversation before his...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Mission Explores ORT's Role in Israel's Future

When Jay Tenenbaum, then the ORT Atlanta director, wanted to nominate me for the ORT America Next Gen Mission to Israel, my response was yes before he could finish asking. I was...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Israel Seeks Help to Close Arab Gaps

Israel is investing $3.5 billion to improve the condition of its Arab population because of the recognition that the country can't move forward while its largest minority lags....

Atlanta Jewish Times

Middle East Offers New Friends if Not Allies

The threats of terrorist organizations such as Islamic State and the aggressions of Iran have produced new levels of cooperation between Israel and many of its Arab neighbors....

Atlanta Jewish Times

Persian Jews Gained From ORT in Iran

Although Iran was slowly modernizing during the 1950s, many Jewish Persian families lacked the necessary skills for employment. To combat poverty, vocational schools were...

Atlanta Jewish Times

Migration Transforms America, Mideast

"Massive shifts in population and human rights have led to a desire for change," Dean Jacqueline Royster of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech said while...


Obama's Exit Offers Israel Fresh Hope - AJT

By Sarah Moosazadeh | [email protected] Israel was unhappy with the U.S. approach to the Middle East throughout Barack Obama's presidency, Gil Hoffman told a gathering at...


Women in Mideast Struggle for Rights - AJT

By Sarah Moosazadeh | [email protected] Women lag in rights across much of the Middle East, but they increasingly are taking prominent roles in protests against...

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Hopkins Student's Response to Pittsburgh Attack Unites Jewish, Iranian Communities

The bond between the Jewish and Iranian communities dates back centuries. That tie was reinforced when Shay Khatiri, an Iranian master's student at Johns Hopkins University, set...

The Iranian

Female Iranian Singer Bridges Generations, Imbues Nostalgia For Iran | The Iranian

Like most Iranian musicians Farsad's music about her nostalgia for Iran is not new but what sets her apart is that she doesn't try to convey any messages through her songs and...