Sarah Leibovitz

Podcast Producer

Location icon United States

Award winning podcast producer, editor, writer, and host for Larj Media productions in Seattle, Washington. Specializes in scripted, story driven pieces.

Current Shows: Overheard from Overlake. Seattle Kitchen. Mouthy, Messy, Mandatory. We the People with Nina Turner. Pitchfork Economics.

Making Ice Cream with Molly Moons

Our Producer Sarah Leibovitz enjoyed learning how to make ice cream with the lovely Molly Moons of Molly Moons Ice Cream in Seattle, Washington! This aired on KIRO Radio 97.3FM in Seattle and the full show is available via Podcast!

For The Curious
KCRW's 6th Annual 24-hour Radio Race winners

The wait is over. We're proud to announce the winners of KCRW's 6th annual 24-hour Radio Race. When we released this year's theme, The New Normal, we encouraged the 250 teams from around the world to interpret it in whatever way felt most relevant to them.