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Sarah J. Williams

Location icon United Kingdom

Fulltime freelance journalist and author. A freelance journalist working for the English market. I write articles on the topic of mental health, relationships and history. Author of the published children's book Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner.

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I am open for commission and have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter who I will share my articles to. Am a member of The Society of Authors.

Contact me today at [email protected]

5 Steps to Lower Cholesterol

5 Steps to Lower Cholesterol Many of us suffer from high cholesterol and lowering it can be just what you need to feel better. These are five steps that you can do to lower your cholesterol. 1. Change your dietYou can accomplish much by doing simple changes to your diet.

Are Mobiles Dangerous for Young Adults?

A new study shows a ten-year decrease in adolescence's psychical health, compared to people above 26 years of age where the same discovery hadn't occurred. The only difference between the age groups is the relationship to social media and our phones.

Unpublished due to magazine shut down
Ancient Vikings: Eketorp's Fortress

A historical travel article for Explore History Travel into the Past Magazine UK on the Viking fortress Eketorp. The picture is of Eketorp's fortress and was taken by photographer Håkan Svensson (Xauxa).

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