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As a socially and environmentally motivated writer I predominantly write for third sector charities and non-profit organisations. Adaptable but with a flair for delicate sarcasm my writing is paired back, understandable and humorous when appropriate. Business references are available on request.


Autism Initiatives

Autism Initiatives
MeCycle - The Big Bike Revivers

You're supporting a great cause. MeCycle café is a social enterprise ran by charity Autism Initiatives. In addition to recycling older or broken bikes they can also fix up your current bike or sell you a brand new one.

Autism Initiatives
The Atkinson hits #1 on TripAdvisor

A free of charge space The Atkinson contains a library, puts on performance art and plays, hosts art exhibitions and concerts, and houses A Great Little Place café. A non-profit that supports people with autism A Great Little Place has become a staple stop for lunch, delicious homemade cakes or even pre-show dining when visiting The Atkinson.

Autism Initiatives
Step Up for Austism

Norwood Primary School in Southport, one of the schools stepping up to the challenge, spoke to us about why they were taking part. "At Norwood we work closely with Autism Initiatives. Autism is much more common than many people think, so we are walking to raise awareness of this and to do what we can to make life better for people on the spectrum."

Book Clubs In Schools

Book Clubs in Schools
What to Read Now - Book Clubs in Schools

School reading in the UK has risen in the world rankings going from 22nd place to 14th* - so let's keep going! Reading is proven to increase your vocabulary and conversation skills, it can teach us new perspectives and address real-life problems in fantasy worlds.

Book Clubs in Schools
What to Read Now - Book Clubs in Schools

There are big stories and small stories, happy ones and sad, but this month What to Read Now is focused on some of the most important (and award-winning) stories. The chosen three celebrate the unlimited diversity of our world and explore themes of bravery, overcoming obstacles, and standing up for people.

Why I Volunteer

There was a point in my life when I needed some help. I had left education and didn't know what came next for me - become a teacher? Study a PhD? Travel? I thought about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be so often that it left me feeling anxious and sad.

Book Clubs in Schools
A Book That Can Change the World - Book Clubs in Schools

Today is #WorldBookDay and the theme #ReadingIsPower is on-point. Their manifesto looks at how reading offers growth, choice, power and knowledge while championing diversity, and their graphics and videos are really slick! As part of the project they asked young people to talk confidently and passionately about a book that made them feel like they could change ...

Personal Publications / Freelance Work

Wanderlust Theatre Company
History in The History Boys

Last month I briefly unpacked the conflict between romantic and utilitarian approaches to education - to love to learn like Hector, or to learn for purpose like Irwin? This month, to get you even more excited about the Wanderlust Theatre Company's performance of Alan Bennett's The History Boys (24-27th of July remember) I'm going to have a look at how Bennett's play approaches the concept of history.

Wanderlust Theatre Company
The Purpose of Education in Alan Bennett's The History Boys

This summer the particularly English feeling History Boys is being performed in Liverpool so here's a little think piece to revise before the big test on the 24-27th of July at the Hope Street Theatre.

I Can't Park

I took my van to her first festival last weekend and I vividly remembered what (or who) pushed me to actually buy it. I have wanted a camper since I was around 9; I would go into the tiny studio apartment spaces in Ikea and decide “this is all the space I need”