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As a content writer, Sarah has written articles on various subjects, including food, animals, technology, education, and more. She writes articles in the form of top 10 lists, how-to's, promotional material, and informative pieces.

Sarah's goal is to help companies grow and gain brand name recognition through her writing. Her favorite writing style is SEO content writing. Sarah also wrote, edited, and self-published a cookbook.

Additional writing samples and references are available upon request.

Welcome to Palm Beach Orthodontics - Palm Beach Orthodontics | Dr. Angela deFabrique-Abiusi
Fixed Orthodontic Appliances vs. Removable | Palm Beach Orthodontics

Dentists and orthodontists use orthodontic appliances to treat various dental problems, like crooked or gap teeth. Sometimes, patients can decide between fixed or removable orthodontic appliances. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we assess our patient's needs and listen to their concerns before making a treatment recommendation.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
The Truth About Hair Transplants in Istanbul

While hair transplants have been around since the 1950s, hair transplants in Istanbul have become an increasingly popular trend. Here is what you should know about FUE and FUT hair transplants, the craze behind hair transplants in Turkey, and how Scalp Micro USA can cover up transplant scars via scalp micropigmentation.

How Do you Teach A Scared Teenager to Drive?

Learning how to drive can be intimidating, and even scary for some teenagers. There are several things you can do to teach your scared teenager to drive. Help your teenager become a confident driver when you use these practice tips and sign your teenager up for iGottadrive teen driving school.

How Can I Encourage a New Teen Driver?

It can be scary for a new teen driver to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a vehicle. You can do several things to encourage your teen driver when learning how to drive. Enroll your teen in an online driving school to help them learn to drive.

California Strawberry Commission
How to Make Strawberry Sorbet

Summertime means fresh, ripe strawberries are available at California Strawberries. We have some great strawberry recipes for all kinds of things you can make with fresh, ripe strawberries. Here's how you can turn your strawberries into delicious sorbet for the perfect summertime treat: Traditional Way to Make Sorbet Traditional Italian sorbet is made from sugar [...]

What Should My Loved One Do if Their Medical Pendant Necklace Goes Off

As family members age, it can be difficult not to restrict their independence. Setting up a medical pendant necklace gives your loved ones the freedom they want while easing your concerns. Medical necklaces alert you and emergency medical services if your loved one falls unexpectedly, gets lost, or experiences a life-threatening emergency.

Independent Electrical Contractors of Cincinnati
How to Find a Good, Reliable Electrician | IEC Cincinnati

Do you have a project or repair in need of electrical work? Don't rely on just anyone for your service repairs. Use reputable and licensed Cincinnati electricians. Here are the three things you can do to find a good, reliable electrician in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas: The first thing many people do when looking for an electrician is to ask for recommendations and check online reviews.

California Strawberry Commission
13 Strawberry Desserts to Enjoy This Summer

Summer strawberries are here and they are looking more vibrant and juicy than ever! It's the season to add strawberries to just about any dish or snack, but If you're looking to add a little extra sweetness to these long, lazy summer days we have you covered with these 13 strawberry desserts.

4 Ways You Can Benefit From Daily Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements have become increasingly popular in the health and wellness industry. Do you know how you can benefit from taking a daily liquid vitamin? Here are the top four ways you can benefit from taking our Nutz About Health womens liquid vitamins.

Spectrum Chameleon Co
What Should I Put in the Bottom of My Chameleon Enclosure?

Reptile enclosures have to meet the needs of your pet. Setting up the bottom of the enclosure is just as important as creating the right temperature and humidity because it is the foundation of the habitat. Here are six suggestions for setting up the bottom of your chameleon enclosure. 1.

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO

There are many ways to market your dental practice. SEO for dentists can help grow your practice and reduce your paid ads cost. Dentists often overlook dental SEO because they are focused on their customers. Work with to take advantage of everything increased SEO has to offer.

Should I Buy Natural Liquid Vitamins?

Getting the recommended daily dose of vitamins and nutrients through your diet can be difficult. Liquid vitamins and supplements can help you get the nutrients you might be missing. Take advantage of the benefits of womens liquid vitamins from Nutz About Health to reach your health goals.

Do Liquid Vitamins Need to Be Refrigerated?

Taking vitamins is an effective means of improving your health and wellness. It's also important that you know how to store your vitamins so that they remain healthy and potent for your needs. Here are the top seven questions and answers about how you should correctly store your Nuts About Health (NAH!)

Articles Of The Week - Today's Articles On Latest Current Event
9 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Adults

Are you experiencing pain or inflammation? Take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic care for adults. Seeing a chiropractor can help with pain management and continued preventative care. Chiropractic care places an emphasis on the body's ability to heal without the use of medications and surgeries.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
Tips for Washing Your Towel Sets

Purchasing wholesale towel sets for your business is an investment. Keeping your towels in the best condition possible extends their longevity and keeps your customers happy. Follow these tips for washing your towel sets to keep them clean and robust.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
What Variations of Chameleons Are There and Which Make Good Pets?

There are over two hundred types of chameleons in the world, with variations in temperament and lifestyle. Some species of chameleons make better pets than others. Here are some of the most popular chameleon species that make good pets, including the beloved Nosy Boraha Chameleon:

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Types of Aid for Veteran Families

Many military families rely on donations for help getting the services they need. There are different ways to provide help for veterans and their families. One thing that greatly impacts a veteran family's ability to get the help they need is financial assistance. Here are three types of help available to veterans and their families:

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Can Workforce Intelligence Assist in the Hiring Process?

Recognizing and analyzing workforce trends is easier with workforce intelligence software. Data gives insight into your workforce dynamics, project status, and company growth. Investors, corporate strategists, HR departments, and government entities can all benefit from the use of workforce data.

Get Lashed
Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Have you found yourself searching endlessly for an amazing lash tech? Finding a lash tech who specializes in the best eyelashes for your eye shape doesn't have to be difficult. Use Get-Lashed to find lash techs near me to extend your lashes to perfectly fit your eye shape.

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Do Bearded Dragons Attach to Their Owners?

Bearded dragons are fun, unique pets. They have quirky personalities and form attachments to their owners similar to cats and dogs. Spectrum Chameleon is the best place to find a bearded dragon for sale if you're interested in a new reptile pet.

How To Know if Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Is Right for Me

Have you considered including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in your treatment plan? If you are considering HBOT, the first thing you should do is consult with your doctor. After that, you should consider the benefits that the treatment provides. Finally, make sure to check whether or not it's an approved treatment option for your specific condition.

Get Latest News, Breaking News, Daily Updates
Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies - Get Latest News, Breaking News, Daily Updates

Do you make candles for a product line sold by your small business? If so, then you need to know about the three best places to buy candle making supplies. Not all suppliers are the same, however. Make sure you know the pros and cons of shopping at each of these three popular suppliers before you place your supply order.

News & Media Release
3 Special Occasions That Call for Bulk Lip Balm - News & Media Release

Are you in charge of putting together goodie bags for an event or choosing promotional items for your work? If so, you understand the challenge of needing to be creative and come up with new, exciting ideas. The next time you are tasked with one of these projects try bulk lip balm.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
3 Ways Diabetic Patients May Benefit from Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine has several benefits and uses. There are three main ways that people who have diabetes can improve their well-being with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The treatment can improve blood flow, decrease swelling, and speed up wound healing.

Top Teen Recipes
13 Sides for Tacos You'll Love

Tacos aren't just for Tuesdays anymore. When you want to enjoy your favorite taco recipe any day of the week, do you know what to serve with tacos? You can serve a variety of homemade side dishes for tacos to mix up any taco night. I know what you're thinking, what goes with tacos?

Top Teen Recipes
12 Best Low Calorie Pasta Sauce Recipes

Everyone loves a warm, yummy pasta dish. Pasta is known to be comforting, hearty, and will always fill you up. Some people try to avoid pasta because they are concerned about their health. When you are craving your next pasta dish, try one of these 12 low-calorie pasta sauce recipes for an even better, guilt-free topping to your favorite pasta or pasta alternative.

Must Have Items for Your Cleaning Business

If you have a cleaning business, you should make sure to have bulk cleaning supplies, quality cleaning tools, and cleaning chemicals on hand. Having the right supplies will help you provide your clients with the cleanest space while minimizing the time and effort it takes to properly clean and complete the job.

Top Teen Recipes
20 Best Farro Recipes

Have you tried adding farro to your favorite recipes? If not, then you're in for a real treat! Farro recipes are easy to make because of how versatile farro is. It is the perfect ingredient for side dishes, main dishes, soups, and more! So, what exactly is farro?

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5 Benefits of Hiring a motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a car wreck, you should consider hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer to represent you. There are five benefits of hiring a lawyer after you have been hurt in a car wreck. An accident lawyer has knowledge of the law and can take your case on a contingency basis. They can also gather the evidence needed for your case, negotiate a better settlement with the insurance company, and represent you at trial.

The Johnson Law Firm | Family Law, Paternity Issues, Child Custody & Alimony
Divorce Lawyer in Lancaster - The Johnson Law Firm | Family Law, Paternity Issues, Child Custody...

Lancaster Divorce Attorney If you experience family legal issues then you should work with an experienced family lawyer. Family lawyers have the knowledge to navigate a variety of family law matters with compassion and professionalism. There are many benefits to hiring a family lawyer because the scope of family law is so wide.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
How to Treat Gout in Your Foot and Ankle

Your local foot and ankle institute has the ability to correctly diagnose and treat your foot and ankle pain. If you think you suffer from gout, make sure you know how to detect a gout flare-up. It is also important to know when to seek professional treatment.

Vintage Culture
5 Reasons Why Getting Invisalign Is Worth the Cost | Vintage Culture

Have you ever thought about having orthodontic treatment to improve your smile? Invisalign is a highly sought-after system that uses clear trays to treat a variety of orthodontic and cosmetic problems. The Invisalign cost is similar to the cost of braces, but the treatment offers many more advantages than traditional braces.

Ghostwriting by Sarah
What Does Certified Pre-owned Mean for a Car?

There is a lot of hype around choosing certified pre-owned vehicles when looking for used Chevy trucks for sale. To understand why you should purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle make sure you know what it takes for a vehicle to be certified. Then look at the three benefits of buying a certified pre-owned to make your decision.

What Do Family Lawyers Do?

A family lawyer in New York can help with various cases pertaining to family matters. They work in Family Court and the Supreme Court depending on the needs of the case. There are also things that a family lawyer can do that may prevent a case from going to court. In order to understand what family attorneys do, you need to know who their clients are. The types of cases they work on will also help clarify what their work entails.

Beach Cities Cremation Society El Segundo
Funeral Service in Culver City - Beach Cities Cremation Society El Segundo

Funeral Service in Culver City Culver City Funeral Service A funeral home in Culver City can help you plan affordable funeral services. If you need to make funeral arrangements after your loved one has passed then you should speak with a local funeral provider.

Beach Cities Cremation Society El Segundo
Cremation in Gardena - Beach Cities Cremation Society El Segundo

Cremation in Gardena Gardena Cremation In an ideal world, everyone would pre-plan their cremation services, but when you unexpectedly lose a loved one it can be difficult to think about how to plan cremation services. You should know, however, that planning cremation services in Gardena are not difficult.

J&M Appliance
Appliance Repair in Fontana - J&M Appliance

Fontana Appliance Repair Appliances are often thrown out when they stop working but there could be more life left in your appliance than you realize. Instead of tossing out an appliance that isn't working or that isn't working properly, you should call a local appliance repair service in Fontana.

Valley Cities Fence
Fencing in Dana Point | Valley Cities Fence

Dana point fencing services offer a variety of fences to choose from. Make sure that you choose the right fencing materials and designs so that your fence meets your needs. Choose a local fencing company to help you design and install your fence.

Women Fitness Magazine
4 Upper Body Stretches for Muscle Recovery

4 Upper Body Stretches for Muscle Recovery : It is important to use flexibility exercises before and after your workouts to help your upper body muscles recover. In fitness, your upper body is considered your neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms. Stretching these muscle groups is beneficial not only to prevent injury but to promote muscle recovery as well.