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Literary Twin Cities Spotlight: Krueger & The Broiler, by Sarah Basil | Runestone Journal

Situated on the corner of St. Clair Avenue and Snelling Avenue, the St. Clair Broiler opened its doors in 1956. The display sign boasts classic neon letters and flames, a callback to that decade of monogrammed blouses, stylish eyeglasses, and rock & roll. While the first fast food restaurants began multiplying around the nation, the St.

5 Ways The ACT & SAT Can Help You

1. The ACT & SAT open doors-- literally. Most four-year colleges require you to submit an admission test score as part of your application. The ACT & SAT are accepted by almost all U.S. colleges. 2. The ACT & SAT help guide your college choices.

Sports & Extracurriculars: How Much Is Too Much?

As spring sports begin and clubs start planning their end of the year projects, teachers are also preparing their students for final exams. It is important to keep a balanced schedule to prevent exhaustion and burnout. Follow these tips for staying on top of homework and activities while still preparing yourself for a standout college application.

ACT Test Prep: The Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

The ACT isn't a group project, so why prep in a class? Individualized tutoring prioritizes your student's specific needs and maximizes score improvement. Here are just a few reasons why tutoring one-on-one yields superior results. + The ACT is a standardized test, but the way that a student learns it isn't standardized.

So I have my ACT score. Now what?

You've taken the test, and you have your ACT score in hand. Now what? You will need to decide whether or not you want to take the test again. Here are five key things to consider when making your decision. +How much studying have you already done for the ACT?

Summer Safety For Kids and Pre-Teens

Summer is a fun and exciting time in a child's life, no matter what their age is. But the freedom that comes with summer also brings a special set of considerations. Follow these tips to keep your child safe and optimize their developmental growth this summer.

Summer Volunteering for Twin Cities Kids

Community involvement is a lifelong value that children internalize at a young age. It is easy to tailor volunteer time to your child's interests-- you just have to do a little creative thinking! +For the Budding Entrepreneur Outgoing and charming children are attracted to the classic lemonade stand model.

Advice for the College Athlete

Whether your student is off to play college sports this fall or is just thinking about a college sports career, these tips are important to keep in mind. 1. Your job is to be a student athlete. Practice, class, film, weights, eat, study hall .... Wait a minute, I don't have any "me time."