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Sarah Baker

Storyteller, Blogger

Location icon United States of America

I'm an observer, listener, writer. My writing is a space for people of all age and struggle to come sit down, drink a cup of coffee, and be heard and understood. By leading through my own vulnerable struggles and lessons, I strive to wrap words around feelings and everyday life so when the reader's cup of coffee is gone, they can stand and say, "Me too. I've been there, too, and it's going to be ok."

I've been quietly blogging for 4 years, and more recently developed a storytelling approach through immersion in travel and missions. I am currently working on my first memoir, and eating too much ice cream.

The World Race
10 Reasons Why Re-entry is the Hardest Year Yet

“I remember wandering into this thing, thinking that I’d just worry about the aftermath later. Everyone’s all excited about you going on the adventure, but they don’t tell you how hard it will be afterward.”

When Your "Go" Becomes "Stay"

When the winds in your own life have shifted, when your go becomes stay, I hope you know how strong you are.

How to Starve Fear

Fear would tell you that watching life go by is better than actually living. It’s definitely safer, but is it worth it?

How to Conquer the World

An e-book full of advice, encouragement + stories on how to conquer your life.

10 Repercussions of Traveling the World

Home, to me, has become an airplane in the clouds, an older couple who live on an island off the coast of Nicaragua barely visible on a map, and a car flying down an open road.

Reasons You Should Stay (When You Want to Go)

Have you ever felt like you just needed to stay no matter how much you didn’t want to? Do you, right now, just want to stop staring at screens and walls and give up on everything you’ve tried today?

The World Race
The Temptation to Forget

We paid and sat in the plush, cool movie theater. I pushed my horror aside to get lost in the movie--a better reality than the juxtaposition of life around me. But the false reality on the big screen ended, and so did my ignorance.

The World Race
I Found Beauty in a Village

Nothing can quite prepare you for the moment you're fully immersed into Indian culture. One minute I'm sitting on the kitchen floor of a villager's home, learning how to roll out and fry chapatti. The next I'm standing half naked between two of the women in the next room over while they wrap me in layers and layers of fabric.

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