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Sarah Miller

Freelance spirits writer, judge & consultant

Location icon United Kingdom

Sarah Miller is the founder of Gin A Ding Ding which launched in 2016. She has judged for a number of competitions, including the International Wine and Spirit Competition and The Global Spirits Masters, and writes for The Gin Magazine, Spirits Beacon and Club Oenologique. Sarah also hosts the popular social media challenge #GinADayMay, which aims to promote the gin industry and unite the gin community.



Spirits Beacon
Glass sustainability

Spirits packaging has always been crucial in making a brand stand out, but never more so than now. The pandemic accelerated online sales meaning more consumers than ever are purchasing products without first picking them up. In an increasingly competitive market, it's little wonder so many brands are trying to claim an advantage with new, attractive and eco-friendly packaging.

Club Oenologique
Is French gin finally having a moment?

'There has definitely been an explosion on the gin front' confirms François Granier, Wine & Spirits Trade Advisor at Business France, a government agency responsible for promoting French exports and facilitating international investment in France. While the global gin craze has played its part, there's interest from the inside, too.

In the Spirit of Sustainability - BURUM COLLECTIVE

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and sustainability is on everyone's agenda. Consumers are increasingly keen to invest in products that tread lightly on the planet, and producers are under increasing pressure to prove their eco-credentials.

Spirits Beacon
What does it mean to be a B Corp brand?

Based on the belief that business can be a force for good, the B Corporation movement, which originated in the United States in 2006, reached UK shores in 2015. But it was in March 2020 that the number of businesses applying for certification soared, making the UK one of the fastest growing - and now the second largest - B Corp community in the world.

Gin Magazine
How gin distilleries are harnessing renewable energy - Gin Magazine

The spirits industry has a tendency to romanticise, if not outright fetishise, traditional distillation in copper pot stills. An inherently energy-heavy process, with high temperature required at its heart, the use of gas-fired alembic stills is both inefficient and incredibly carbon intensive...

Gin Magazine
Bushtucker trials: making gin with native juniper - Gin Magazine

Despite being fundamental to the nature and flavour of gin, we tend to talk about juniper in a very generic way. And perhaps that's understandable; EU regulations stipulate that the spirit must be "produced by flavouring ... [specifically] with Juniperus communis", or common juniper.


The E List
Eye On E9

From peaceful Victoria Park to the changing face of Hackney Wick, E9 is a place of contrast and evolution. Here are a local's stories from the beating heart of Hackney.

About me

Gin Magazine
Meet the Team #8: Sarah Miller - Gin Magazine

Meet the Team introduces you to the writers and experts behind Gin Magazine and gin-mag.com, as they talk about their lives both in and outside the gin world. This week, we meet Sarah Miller, the face behind Gin A Ding Ding and lauded as one of the UK's top gin bloggers.

The Gin Guide
Gin a Ding Ding - Interview with Sarah Miller

Always keen to support the gin community and highlight the wonderful people within it, we caught up with top gin blogger, gin awards judge and founder of #GinADayMay, Sarah Miller, to find out all about her blog 'Gin a Ding Ding' and some of her top gin recommendations and tips for gin lovers and bloggers.

The Gin Cooperative
Meet the Blogger - Gin A Ding Ding - The Gin Cooperative

In our latest Meet the Blogger, we caught up with Sarah Miller, the founder behind the very popular Gin A Ding Ding gin blog. Sarah is a gin drinker, gin reviewer, gin writer and more recently a gin judge.

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