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TechTrends Zambia
Planning an Event in Zambia? The 5 Tech Things You Totally Need - TechTrends Zambia

There are ALWAYS events taking place in Zambia, whether it's a political rally or a fashion show, but they don't get the exposure they need except from a little hype 'before' and 'after' them. I think 'during' is a much better time to interact with people attending the event as well as those who aren't, but in real time.

TechTrends Zambia
How to get started on LinkedIn as an individual and make the most of it - TechTrends Zambia

First of all keep in mind that LinkedIn is a social networking platform/app for professionals that allows you to interact with individuals and businesses all in one place, follow companies, create company pages, and share interesting thoughts, which is exactly why you can NOT put your spouse's picture on your profile where yours should be.

TechTrends Zambia
6 tips to save phone battery power

The load-shedding schedule is craaazy!!! So I whipped up 6 tricks (that work) to conserve your phone's battery. Turn off your mobile data when you don't need it. Avoid using apps like Skype or Instagram as these use up heavy volumes of data and have a negative effect on your battery life.

TechTrends Zambia
Are smart objects making us dumber? - TechTrends Zambia

It seems everything is getting smarter, but how smart are we ourselves getting? True, smart objects are just the idea of bringing things around us literally into the palm of our hands through our . It's the thought of not having to use our brains that much to do tasks we used to do before that much that's a little scary for most.

TechTrends Zambia
Facebook to provide free internet access in remote areas using drones - TechTrends Zambia

There are still places in the world that do not know what the internet is, and Facebook has made it their mission to let them know about it. With projects like spreading fast across the globe to serve less developed countries by providinf free basic access to some of the websites there, with the help of local mobile operators in those countries.

TechTrends Zambia
How to solve the issue of a lack of computers in Zambian schools

The latest story on pupils in Zambia having to stay late into the night at their schools to be able to have their computer exams due to a lack of enough PCs to use is saddening. As much as ICTS in education is one of the goals of the Ministry of Education, it seems not to have taken much effect.

TechTrends Zambia
Understanding Internet Speed - TechTrends Zambia

Slow internet might be the story of your life in Zambia but you still need to understand how it works. What really is internet speed, and how is it measured? First there's what's called download speed, which is how fast you can get files from the internet to your device.

TechTrends Zambia
Zambian Music Awards 2014, what could have been, TECH-wise - TechTrends Zambia

Ah the Zambian Music Awards 2014, the hype that it was, and the disappointment that followed when people's favourites did not win. Congratulations to all who did though. We had an opportunity to be there and as TechTrends, we did not bother about who wore what, who came with who or who won what.