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Sana Hameed

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Sana Hameed is a student at the University of Texas at Austin double majoring in Management Information Systems and Journalism. Though she specializes in writing, she has a passion for all things creative. Her interest not only lies in brainstorming and creating interesting and persuasive content but in analyzing the resulting data for trends and ways to adapt. When Sana is not poring over a new project, you'll find her pouring herself an Arnold Palmer, watching obscene amounts of Netflix, or exploring all that Austin has to offer.

Female-Led Companies: The Unicorns of Startups

The tech industry in general struggles with a deficit of females in leadership positions. By the sheer lack of support for projects pioneered by women, it begs the question: why are female-led company success stories the unicorns in a field full of horses?

SceneSave: The Pilot

The pilot is the breeding grounds for experimentation, the trial and error that goes into molding the show into what it will become. It's safe to say SceneSave, as an app, is in its pilot phase right now. It's growing and changing, but it's driving force -it's mission- is a done deal.

Plano Jamatkhana Opens its Doors to the Community

Three year-old Avra Kuriachan's fingers skimmed the geometric patterns embedded in the architecture of the Ismaili Jamatkhana, Plano. It's a building more familiar than foreign to her, even though it's not the Jamatkhana she normally attends. In her frothy pink dress, she roamed the lobby as if it were a palace, oblivious to the bustle around her.

Brown Girl Magazine
The Power of Representation: The Story Behind a Storyteller

By Sana Hameed - Follow @sana21hameed At eight years old, my voice was my pen and my audience, my paper. Channeling my love for storytelling, I would self-publish novels using a stack of cardstock, Crayola markers, and a stapler, my heart chock full of ambition.

Monks Perform Sacred Music Sacred Dance at Plano Jamatkhana

A snow lion danced into the social hall of Plano Jamatkhana, an explosion of energy and flailing furry limbs. It quivered and shook, rolled and rollicked, tousling the rainbow tassels which dangled from each plush ear. Finally, its waggling tongue unraveled as if it were a scroll to display two uniting words-"World Peace."

The Plano West BluePrints
Check and Mate with "Mates"; the Rooks and Rookies of Chess Club

Walking into the windowless room A1167, eyes immediately zero in on the moss green and white checkered placemats strewn in organized chaos across a long stretch of tables pushed together, dining room style. Ears hear playful comments ("I have a vicious pawn army coming to destroy you") and the slight beeping coming from the glinting...

The Plano West BluePrints
Changes in the DFW Area

With time the DFW area has evolved to encompass more than just the implied cityscape of Dallas and Fort Worth. Plano, formerly regarded as a little known suburb, an outlier of Dallas, has grown in prominence recently as it has become the headquarters for renowned businesses like Toyota, Liberty Mutual Insurance, FedEx and more.