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Sanaa Siddiqui

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Writer, editor, traveller, meme hoarder. Here's just a small selection of my work - please get in touch if you ever need someone to be your written voice.

How to use dashboards to create data-driven legal teams

Is anyone not sold on the benefits of becoming more data-driven? Data brings a wealth of benefits, enabling a world where intuition, gut-feel and conjecture give way to hypotheses validated by concrete information.

Avengers Endgame, Wasted Chances, and An Ulterior Motive

It's all anyone's talking about. Avengers Endgame is the ultimate superhero movie to end all superhero movies. From Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark to Brie Larson's newcomer, Captain Marvel - this movie teams them all together, to conclude Marvel's ten-years of storytelling.

Dos and Don'ts of a Startup Career Progression - Advance - Medium

DO : make yourself known. Grow your contacts! You know the saying "it's not what you know, it's WHO you know"? Well, it's 100% true. Working with new people gives you the chance to introduce yourself. Introducing yourself gives you the chance to open up new possibilities in the future.

Tales from China: London to Shanghai - Sanaa S

In July 2016, I left the comforts of my home - and, actually, the comforts of my country - to become an English teacher in the world's most populous city. (published on Subscript in 2016)

The Startup Language - Types of Startups - Advance - Medium

So many options, such little time[1]. Quick - before reading ahead, grab a pen and paper and try to note down as many types of tech startups as you can. We'll get you started with "Fintech". Any more springing to mind? Let's go through the list and see what we can come up with.

Travel big - but also, travel small.

I'm still recovering, honestly. For the past 16 months I've been working as an English Teacher in Shanghai - and I was determined to return home with a BANG. That particular sentiment manifested as a month-long travelling session.

Pavegen Systems
Pavegen Unveils the Future of digital flooring!

Pavegen unveils the latest iteration of its energy-generating technology, revolutionising the way the company and product operate in a pivotal step for the business.

Loughborough University
Case Study - Pavegen

I wrote a case study for Loughborough University, from which Pavegen CEO graduated.

Growth Business
Five ways to give your crowdfunding campaign the best shot at success

When Pavegen announced their first ever crowdfunding round, there was a mutual sense of anticipation amongst the team. Unlike a regular investment round, crowdfunding is completely unpredictable in its outcome. Some companies do extremely well and overfund past their original target, whilst others with equally innovative products never successfully reach their target.

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