Sam Frenzel

Content Marketing Specialist/Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Based out of Upstate New York, I have experience with both SEO-driven content marketing articles and opinion pieces. The majority of my writing has to do with higher education, teaching/schools, and business.

eSchool News
4 proven ways to get teachers to use technology

Without proper guidance and support, it is easy for teachers to feel overwhelmed and anxious about integrating technology into their classrooms. An Education Week report revealed that only about 50...

Teach100 Mentors: Teacher Burnout Causes, Effects, and Remedies

Experts are calling it a crisis. The United States is experiencing a national shortage in teachers, with eight percent of educators leaving the field each year. The cause? An exponential rise in teacher burnout. Many describe teacher burnout as the feeling of having "hit a wall" as an educator.

Guest Post: Helping Teachers with Self-Care: How School Counselors Can Help!

Biography: Sam Frenzel is a writer for where he collaborates with editor Syrenna Kononovitch, editor on creating content that supports future and current counselors in providing services to their clients, seeking education, and pursuing various mental health careers. How can you fill someone else's cup if yours is half empty?

The Middle School Counselor
Best On-Screen School Counselors

As we head into the holidays, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to find a way to give way to the seasonal stress and spend a moment to de-stress with a little humor in our profession.