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How 'This Is England' Became The Greatest British TV Show Of The Decade
Countless TV shows have mined the extremities of human experience to create drama. Rape, murder, drug abuse, acts of horrible violence: we're so used to seeing it on our...
How To Save The Trainspotting Sequel
Nothing about Cool Britannia is cool anymore. Britpop, Damien Hirst, Loaded magazine, Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress... all have gone the way of Tony Blair and New Labour:...
A Staunch Defence Of Cara Delevingne Regarding That Disastrous Good Morning Sacramento Interview...
Have you see the Cara Delevingne / Good Day Sacramento interview yet? The social media supermodel and - as it turns out - rather talented actress was promoting her new film...
Jake Gyllenhaal: "I Was Terrified Of Getting In The Ring"
When we profiled Jake Gyllenhaal for our July issue earlier this year, what emerged was a sense of a man who, perhaps more than any other actor of his generation, takes his...
Alone: How It Feels To Spend A Week In Isolation
"All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone" ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées It's 3:35am in the morning. I am standing in an open doorway,...
Irvine Welsh: "It's Time To Let Women Run The Show"
"When you go back to a novel, all you can see are the flaws. Every fucked up sentence." Irvine Welsh is sat in his hotel room, talking about the perils of going back over a book...


Can The Onion's Clickhole learn from the viral-hungry websites it targets?
On 12 June this year the Onion launched ClickHole, a fully functioning satire of "clickbait" journalism and the viral-hungry websites that have dominated the early years of the...
Kristen Stewart, cute kids and death: how headlines try to hook you in
To trace journalism's erratic transition to the digital world, you only have to look at how dramatically headlines have changed - and why. Throughout the print era, pictures,...
BuzzFeed's success does not mean we should be slaves to clicks
Imagine if, 20 or 50 years ago, newspaper editors knew not only how many people were buying their paper each day but precisely how much of it they read. Imagine if they could...

Long Form

We Need To Stop Meeting Like This - Esquire
A new book has drawn attention to the Englishman's awkwardness when it comes to greeting strangers. Here, Sam Parker offers a solution
Why Thousands Of Young Men Are Giving Up Pornography In 2014
"No single vice causes so much mental and physical debility," began a section of a popular home medical guide published in 1921, "than masturbation. It impairs the intellect,...
Facebook At 10: The Case For The Defence
In 1982, three years before I was born, my Father was living in a tank in West Berlin. He was the 'gunner' in a regiment ordered to be ready in case Russia decided to turn the...
The Real Cost Of Library Cuts
To mark National Libraries Day, The Huffington Post UK travels to Newcastle upon Tyne where a soon-to-be demolished local library plays a vital role in a community already...
Why Some People Change Their Accent, Depending On Who They're With
The joke goes like this. A middle class man living in London opens the door to a plumber, who he has called to fix something in his home. The pair start a conversation, and...
14 Reasons You're More Likely To Read This Because It's A List
For years, print publications used lists as mere adornments to bigger stories. 'Boxouts' of facts or funny asides were designed to break up the text and help draw your eye in -...
15 Moments That Made The Sopranos The Greatest Show Of All Time - Esquire
In the summer of 1999, an American mafia drama called The Sopranos aired for the first time in the UK. It's only now, 15 years later, that's we're able to assess the impact it...
Why Movember Isn't For Everyone: The Silent Shame Of The Baby-Faced
This year it started in September. An email arrived asking if I, as a member of the press, would like to attend the Movember: Cook Like A Man book launch, where 'foragers and...
Behind-The-Scenes At Sky Sports News On Deadline Day
Andy Cairns, tall, warm, Cockney, Executive Editor of Sky Sports News, leans in with a pleasing thought. "On Match Of The Day, they sort of sit almost with their backs to you,...
The Hemingway Myth
Why one little-known novel in particular, The Garden Of Eden, should cause us to re-evaluate the great caricature of American literature.
How Tony Blair and Iraq Robbed a Generation of Their Faith in Politics
I imagine for many people alive today, the great politicising event of their childhood came in the form of a tragedy. The first dreadful hammer of the Luftwaffe passing...
Cut Up: Why Losing 100% Art Funding Could Ruin The North's Culture Capital
Following news that Newcastle City Council is planning to cut 100% of its spending on arts and culture, former Newcastle resident Sam Parker returns to the city to find out how...
The Reading Cure: How Books Are Being Used In The Battle Against Mental Illness
The Huffington Post UK joins The Reader Organisation, a charity celebrating its tenth year helping people with mental health problems using a different type of therapy: cups of...
How A Quiet Norwegian Town Became The Home Of Global Graffiti Art
On first reflection, street art from the mean streets of LA or London and a sleepy port town in Norway doesn't sound like a match made in heaven. But wander around Stavanger...
Three-Minute Poetry? It's All The Rage
Rapid-fire ‘slam’ recitals with voting audiences are a big draw. Could this be the new X Factor? Every week in small theatres and pubs across Britain, poetry is being dragged...
Living 24 Hours Like The Dice Man
Who were you this weekend? I was a busker, an artist and a beard fetishist by day and by night, both the life and soul of a party and its dullest guest. I went places I'd never...

Opinion / Comment

How Tinder Made Me Hate My Own Face
There is a wonderful moment, near the end of the average adolescence, when you come to terms with your own face. When after all those years frowning into a mirror, mining...

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