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Sam Lehmann

Freelance Writer

Location icon Australia

I am currently studying political economy at the University of Sydney. In 2019 I will be undertaking a stand-alone research year in which I shall write about the history of the Australian state and its reproduction.

I have a particular interest in writing about humanitarian issues, social events, political affairs and matters of philosophy; such as ethics, existentialism and the history of ideas and concepts.

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Honi Soit
Climate change: the political limits - Honi Soit

Climate change rhetoric tends to revolve around carbon emissions. We associate climate change with atmospheric carbon levels, excluding broader ecological destruction. In a consumption-fuelled market society, resulting mass waste causes forest and marine habitat destruction. Yet, where politicians escape accountability when they classify climate change as a problem that should be traded off against economic...

University of Sydney Metal Society
Norwegian Black Metal

A Brief History of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene (1984-1994)

Thinking About Sydney
Can we maintain faith in the Catholic Church?

This question extends well beyond whether anyone considers secularism a social goal, whether faith in the Judaeo-Christian God is worth your time or whether spirituality should be institutionalised, more generally. Rather, the question of faith in the Catholic Church extends directly from the ongoing spate of court cases the institution is facing.

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